Starting Work on the Cadette Amaze Journey

Last week was our monthly Girl Scout meeting and nine of our ten girls were present. Attendance  has been fairly consistent, with only one child missing the past two meetings. That may be because we have lucked out and the next day we have had off from school so there have been no worries about not being able to complete homework or having to study for a test after getting home late from the meeting.

It also may be related to the fact that we only meet once a month, and if you miss the meeting, you are missing a lot.

As a sponge activity, the girls were given paper, pens and markers and told to write a short note telling a friend (she did not have to be in the troop) why you are glad to be friends with her. This was also a way for the girls to socialize while they crafted. When most of the girls had arrived, the leader began.

First Meeting Cadette Amaze Journey
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We discussed our final cookie totals, and the girls netted almost $1,200 dollars-not bad for the first official sale! The Cookie Mom had looked into a few activities the girls had suggested at the last meeting, and after investigating, she narrowed it down to a few choices. Some of the girls were not happy about their previous choice ( a theme park) being eliminated and let us know. They also worried about being busy that day-LOL! I assured them that parents would be notified at least a month in advance so all calendars could be cleared.

The leader let the girls speak and also let the comments roll off her back. She said that if they did not wish to participate in the activities that they had chosen, then they did not have to.

We also shared that one case of cookies was being donated to our troops and the other to a local food bank.

Girl Scout camping
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Next on the schedule was a discussion about camping. When I was in charge, we did not camp because that was not what I signed up for. I did all the planning, shopping, paperwork, field trip planning, trips to the stores, attended Council meetings, planned service projects, contacted parents…you get the picture.

The other leader was supposed to be in charge of outdoor activities and camping  when we signed up to be leaders together . But, she never got the training, so we did not go.

Our new leader is an avid camper with her family-tents and all! She is going to be getting the necessary training to take the girls out in the fall. However, before we do that, the girls are going to do a trial “backyard camping” experience to see how they can handle it.

Some of the girls did not want to camp, backyard or in the woods!

She told them fine, they could stay for activities and then their parents could pick them up before they go to sleep.

This trial is necessary because, they were told, if they cannot go to bed and behave in the tents in the backyard, they will not be taken camping at all.

How to Do the Cadette Amaze Journey
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Then we moved on to the Amaze Journey. This was chosen because of the dynamics of this group, which have been together since kindergarten. Relationships between the girls have certainly changed over the years, and we are trying to keep the group together.

The leader decided that we are not going to devote entire meetings to the Journey, but doing one activity per meeting. This was suggested to her by a leader who has a multi-level troop and she said it worked out well.

I think this is a great idea, as the girls can still do badge work and those interested in earning the Silver Award can do so, since completing a Journey is mandatory.

The leader led a discussion about social media and the damage it can cause to the feelings of others. They talked about hurting feelings posting pictured where others are not invited, texting, etc. The point was made-be careful with your words because once it is out there on the internet, you cannot take them back.

The meeting concluded with a game, and the new rule of no phones allowed.  Some of the girls could not keep their hands off their phones for the 90 minutes we were together, so they will be put into a basket if they bring them next month.

Have you done the Cadette Amaze Journey? Do you have any helpful hints that you can share?


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