Our Final Cadette Girl Scout Meeting of the Year

Last night we had our final Girl Scout meeting of the year. In previous years, we never met in June because we held our meetings in the elementary school most of the girls in the troop attended. We lost that space at the end of May as the school did not schedule us during the busy closing of the school season.

Out of our 10 girls, six were present. This was a sign of things to come.

The focus of the meeting was to work on the Amaze Journey. The leader had contacted our middle school principal (who also happened earn the Girl Scout Gold Award in her youth) about her plans and she was on board. The girls were going to create anti-bullying posters with positive messages.

The girls discussed some things they could write and then went on to create the posters. Here are some of them:

Girl Scout Cadette Amaze Journey

Girl Scout Cadette Amaze Journey

Cadette Amaze Journey poster project

These posters will be hung up around the middle school before the school year begins.

After the posters were done, we broke for an ice cream treat. During this time, our Cookie Mom presented the awards the girls earned and they were very excited. They also received a fun patch for the cookies they donated to a local military organization.

At the end of the meeting, it was revealed that one of the missing girls, who missed last month’s meeting as well, had quit. As the buzz went among the girls, some told my daughter that they might not return in the fall. All of these girls have packed schedules, and the older they get, the more is expected from them with sports teams and dance teams. This does not even include the increase in homework that they have each year. For some children, even a once a month commitment may be too much for them.

We still have a core group of girls who will continue for certain. Girl Scouts is their primary activity (they do not do sports) and we will have a troop in the fall. We let the girls know that they are still members until September 30th, so they can try it out in the fall at our first meeting to see if they want to stay. There are some fun summer activities that the girls can participate in. And of course, if they change their minds, they are always welcome to return.

How many girls are continuing with your troop next year? Are you losing any due to other activities?

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