14 Great Girl Scout Facebook Groups Girl Scout Leaders Should Join

Girl Scout leader Facebook groups are a great source of knowledge and support for leaders of all levels.

If you have read any of my blogs over the past few years, you know that I am a huge fan of Babycenter’s Girl Scout Moms forum. Leaders helping leaders is what that group is all about, and I am constantly amazed at how helpful this group of women are.

Another resource that I have found to be invaluable are Girl Scout Facebook groups. There are groups that sell and swap badges, groups for each level, and groups that share how to do Journeys.

Here are some fantastic ones that you should join! Just search for the names list below when you log into Facebook and ask to become a member. Some admins will private message you to ask why you are joining a group just to make sure you are really a leader.

Also, if you are trying to sell your old Girl Scout materials, read each of the groups guidelines so you list your items properly. Each group has it’s own rules.

Here are the best Girl Scout Leader Facebook groups!

Girl Scout Badge Swap

Girl Scout Stuff for Sale/Trade

Fun Patches to Buy and Sell

GS Retired Badges Sell/Trade

Cadette-Senior-Ambassador Advisors

Brownie Leaders

GS Junior Leaders Think Tank

Cadette/Senior & Ambassador Leaders Idea Bazaar

Daisy Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Freebies, Deals and More

Girl Scout Sell/Swap

Girl Scout Journeys

Girl Scout Volunteer Community

Girl Scout Crafting Ideas

Girl Scout Gab

Are you a member of any of these groups or another one that I have not mentioned?

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