Friday Freebie-Peep Fun Badge

(Okay, I know it is Sunday, but this cannot wait!)

If you are looking for a fun end of year meeting or something fun to do at your meeting, here is your chance to earn the “Peep Fun” Fun Patch. The program is free, but the patch is backordered. I am of the belief that you do not have to earn a patch for everything, and with Peeps being discounted greatly after Easter, here is your opportunity to have fun at a discount! My local Target has Peeps at 70% off.

‘PEEP FUN’ FUN PATCH PROGRAM Download free requirements.

Photo from Pixabay

Here are the requirements for the patch (this link won’t hyperlink…just cut and paste the following).

2 thoughts on “Friday Freebie-Peep Fun Badge”

    1. It does look like fun! I am not associated with the program, but you can try contacting the site owner to be put on a backorder list. Another idea is to look on eBay or in a private Girl Scout Facebook group and see if anyone is selling them.

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