Must Have Items for Girl Scout Camping

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Taking your troop on a camping trip is a big decision. There are many questions that you need to answer before you take the plunge.

  • Should you take your girls alone as a troop or should you go to your Council’s big camporee?
  • How many days should you go?
  • Should you allow parents to come along?
  • Who pays for the trip? Parents or cookie money or both?
  • What supplies does the troop purchase for each girl?
  • What activities should we do outdoors as well as indoors?
  • What badges can we earn?
  • What food should we bring?
  • What meals should we make?

Yes, the list seems endless.

What should leaders provide for girls on a camping trip and what should the girls bring?

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The younger you take your girls, the more they can help with the decisions as they get older, since they will have had experience. My troop has camped twice since becoming Cadettes and we are planning on a third trip this spring. After attending two Council sponsored camping events, the troop decided to go it alone. They had more fun when it was just the five of them than when there were activities planned for girls of all levels.

If you are going out for the first time, here are some things you can buy for the troop so each girl has them in her backpack or drawstring bag (which are cheap enough that you can provide them for each girl).

What Else Do the Girls Need to Have?

Water bottles are a must, and if your girls are like my children, you have acquired quite a variety over the years. This they can bring on their own-no need to purchase one.

Bug repellent and sunscreen are two other must haves. There are many brands and some girls may have skin sensitivities, so it is best that this item be packed by parents as well.

Visors or baseball caps are also necessary to protect girls from the sun.

Ponchos can be bought in bulk by the troop and used in case it rains.

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Sleeping bags and overnight bags to carry everything to the campsite are also items your girls need to bring from home.

What are your essential packing items for your camping trip?

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