Girl Scout Friday Freebie Perfect for Cookie Season

Help your girls earn financial badges and leaves with this Girl Scout Friday Freebie.


This week’s Friday Freebie comes from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis. Learning about money is an important skill set, and now that cookie season is upon us, this free program can help you earn your cookie selling, money related badges.

The program is for all levels-just scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the age group you are looking for.

You can find the information here.

Friday Freebie Girl Scout Paw Patch Program

Happy New year and welcome back to the Friday Freebie!

This Girl Scout free patch program comes from Kitten Krazy in Ohio.

Photo from Pixabay

This week’s free Girl Scout program comes from Kitten Krazy in Medina, Ohio. There are printable directions for leaders.  T he requirements include a tour of the facility, but if you are not in the area, I am sure you can tour a local shelter to fulfill this requirement. Then there is a listing of five things to do, and only one needs to be fulfilled to earn the patch. Leaders can buy an inexpensive fun patch if you do not live locally; those in the Kitten Krazy area have to contact the coordinator to receive your free badges.

Girl Scout Freebie from Johnson & Johnson

Free materials from Johnson & Johnson about nursing to earn the Respect Authority petal or Respect Myself and Others.

Photo from Pixabay

Johnson & Johnson manufactures many products, and most of us are familiar with their baby related and first aid items.

Today’s Girl Scout freebie is all about nursing. This ties in wonderfully with the magenta Respect Authority Daisy petal and earning the First Aid badges in higher levels of scouts.

Go to their website to order your free materials for your troop.

This is the last Friday Freebie for the year. This feature will be back in January, after the holiday season is over.

Friday Freebie Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program

Girl Scout free Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program. Girls do activities to earn this patch.

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The heart is our most important organ, as it keeps us alive. Unfortunately, heart disease is one of the most undiagnosed in women. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, heart disease kills more women than men each year.

If we teach our children to eat right and exercise regularly, then we are setting them up for a lifetime of being heart healthy. The Go Red Girl Scout Patch Program was created by the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health. It was created to help the girls in your troop to engage in heart healthy activities,  as well as the women in their families.

This program is for all scouting levels. You can print the booklet for your age group and when the girls have completed the required activities, fill out the form to purchase this patch.

The program details can be found at the UW School of Medicine website.

Girl Scout Friday Freebie from The Groundwater Foundation

Free Girl Scout prgraom from the Groundwater Foundation in Nebraska. This is for all levels and aligns with the It's Your Planet-Love It! Journeys.

Photo from Pixabay

This week’s Friday Freebie comes from the The Groundwater Foundation in Nebraska. The goal of this fun patch is to for girls to learn about the water they drink. Yes, it comes from a faucet, but there is more to it than that!

On their website, they have activities for every level of scouts. This aligns with the It’s Your Planet-Love It! Journeys. Once the patch is completed, you can call their Girl Scout store and if they are like many others, they will ship the patches to you upon payment.

You can read about how to earn this patch at The Groundwater Foundation’s website.