Girl Scout Week 2017 Activities

It seems that during our busy cookie season, leaders also have two important Girl Scout holidays to celebrate as well. After World Thinking Day on February 22nd, there is Girl Scout Week. This year, Girl Scout Week 2017 is March 6-March 12th.

Girl Scout Week 2017 resources for leaders

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Background and the history of Girl Scout week can be found  (all links have been checked and they work). This week is all about service to the community-what the troop has done and what else they can do to make the world a better place.

My Service Unit asks leaders to hand in lists of girls who are in scouts to hand in to each elementary and middle school, and their names are read during morning announcements (girls can opt out if they want to). I am pleased that my daughter and her friends still want their names to be shared. They are not embarrassed about being Girl Scouts. In fact, there is another very active Cadette troop in our Council and many of those girls attend the same middle school as my daughter. It is a nice thing to see!

Our local Council also typically has a fun roller skating night at a local rink for all girls during Girl Scout Week. It is a time to come together and it permits the younger girls to see the older girls having fun as a scout. Our troop attended last year and were just a few of the handful of older girls who were there. This year they want to pass on this event.

I have found more resources for leaders to use for Girl Scout Week 2017. Ignore the dates on the documents-they have nothing to do with the actual celebration itself. Start planning now so you won’t be trying to do everything last minute!

Girl Scout Week Calendar

Scouting Web-List of Activities

Girl Scouts of Rhode Island

5 Simple Activities

Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada

Activities for Daisy Scouts

What will your troop be doing for Girl Scout Week 2017?

World Thinking Day Party Supplies

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World Thinking Day Party Supplies for you meeting or Council event.

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Is your service unit hosting a World Thinking Day event? Here are some supplies that will make your event more festive. If someone in your unit has Amazon Prime, this will get to you in two days!

More Free Printable Girl Scout Cookie Thank You Notes

Leaders are always looking for freebies, and here is one for you! Many troops want to thank their customers, and here are some free printable Girl Scout cookie thank you notes that your troop can use. Save your ink and make one copy and bring it to a print shop to make copies. Your cost is reimbursable as long as you have a receipt to hand to your treasurer.

Free printable Girl Scout cookie thank you notes for your troop to use.

Free Stock Photos for Blogs at picxclicx

New for 2017 is this pretty note card set from Fashionable Moms. There are also other thank yous that you can print on cards available on the site. Here is one of them. This blogger also has printable wrappers for your cookies. Find them here.

Need more ideas? This blog post will be very helpful to you!

Free Printable Passports for World Thinking Day

Girl Scout World Thinking Day is less than a month away! Now is the time to get some things ready for your troop meeting.

Free printable passports for Girl Scout World Thinking Day

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One item many leaders love to use are passports, especially if your troop is studying another country. Here are resource for free printable passports that you can use with your girls.

Cotton Ridge Homeschool

Activity Village (different templates)

Global Adventures

Low Cost Craft Classes at Michael’s Craft Stores This February

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Whether or not you are selling cookies, at this time of year, you may be feeling a little stressed or burnt out. If you cannot get the girls outside, their natural pent up energy just bubbles over. Sometimes a change of scenery is called for.

Just in time, Michael’s Craft Stores have weekend classes that are low cost and fit right in with Daisy Scouts.

If any of these interest you, make sure you get permission slips for the girls asap. Parents should hang around since these are not long in length. Or if you just have want to get together informally, send out an email or post on your troop Shutterfly page or Facebook group page that you will be there and their daughters are welcome to attend.
Inexpensive craft classes make for great Girl Scout meetings, especially during cookie season.                                  Photo from Pixabay 

Saturday February 11-Valentine’s Make Event
Buy blank cards and the rest of the Valentine card making supplies are free.
Sunday February 12-Teen Class
Do you have Juniors working on a Sewing badge? In this class, which costs about $5.00 for materials, kids will learn how to embroider an emoji button.
Saturday February 25-Family Spring Painting Event
Purchase a birdhouse or clay pot and the decorating supplies are free. The birdhouse can work for the Daisy Journey!
You can find more classes here at Michael’s!