Here Come the Brownies-A Book Series for Brownie Girl Scouts

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Here Come the Brownies is a series written for Brownie Girl Scouts. The author is Jane O’Connor, who is now well known for her Fancy Nancy book series. But back in the early 1990’s, her easy to read chapter books about the adventures of Brownie Girl Scouts made Here Come the Brownies a popular read among girls in grades one through three (ages six through nine).

While Ms. O’Connor wrote the first six books of the series, the second half of the twelve books was written by Marcia Leonard.

Through a fictitious Brownie troop, these stories share Brownie Girl Scout values, such as friendship, kindness to other people, and helping others. They are a useful tool in helping the girls understand the meaning of being a Girl Scout.

For an adult, the plot of each book is predictable, but this is a valuable tool in children’s literature when trying to teach a the reader a lesson. From my own experience as an elementary school teacher, children do not like books with unhappy or unpredictable endings. Thesae books are also written on grade level, so even those who are not the most proficient readers can easily read it on their own.

The Here Come the Brownies series of books is an easy and fun read for Daisy Scouts and Brownie Girl Scouts.

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Here are the titles and a brief synopsis of each book in the Here Come the Brownies series.

Book 1 Corrie’s Secret Pal

We are introduced to the Brownie troop I this book. A new girl, Corrie, moves to town and in order to make new friends, decides to become a Brownie Girl Scout and join a troop.

Book 2 Sarah’s Incredible Idea

In this book, Sarah is the central character. She is a shy girl who finds it difficult to speak up at meetings. She has an idea for a community service project-to bring pets to a nursing home for the residents to visit. She eventually speaks her mind and the troop is able to do this project successfully.

Book 3 Make Up Your Mind, Marsha

In the third book of the series, Marsha is the protagonist. Marsha is an indecisive child who faces a dilemma. She needs to choose between doing the right thing or doing something for herself, which would hurt the feelings of another child. With the assistance of her Brownie friends, Marsha makes her decision.

Book 4 Amy’s (Not So) Great Camp Out

It is Amy’s turn to take the spotlight in the fourth Here Comes the Brownies book. Amy is a popular girl in her troop (in a positive sense of the word) with a bright and fun personality. In this adventure, the troop goes camping, and Amy gets sick during the camp out. Will the girls still like her even though she is not partaking in the camping activities?


Book 5 Think, Corrie, Think

Corrie takes center stage again when the girl are paired of for a Girl Scout Thinking Day project (a day where Girl Scouts around the world do special projects and “think” of each other). Krissy, who is the smartest girl in the troop, is paired with Corrie. Feeling inferior, Corrie learns that everyone has special strengths and talents to contribute, as well as learning the joys of cooperation.

Book 6 Lauren and the New Baby

Lauren is the featured Brownie Girl Scout in this book. While she is excited about becoming a big sister, her best friend, Marsha, is feeling afraid that the new baby will come between them. From my older daughter’s personal experience at becoming a big sister as a second grade Brownie Scout, Marsha’s feelings do ring true.

Book 7  Take a Bow, Krissy!

Krissy is the protagonist of the seventh book in the Here Come the Brownies series. Money is tight in Krissy’s house. In order to join her Brownie troop on a field trip to see The Secret garden, she will have to earn money. This book tells how she does it.

Book 8 Is That Really You Amy?

Amy gets another turn in the spotlight in this book. Amy’s babysitter is a rock star to Amy-she is a Cadette Girl Scout. She copies everything Hallie, her babysitter, does. Hallie’s Cadette troop act as guides on a field trip with Amy’s Brownie troop. Amy starts to act differently around the older girls, making her Brownie friends upset and causing the older girls to talk about her. Lessons about how to treat others and beings a sister to every Girl Scout are highlighted in this book.

Book 9 Light’s Out, Sarah

Sarah, the protagonist of this story, is afraid of the dark, a common fear among elementary school aged children. Worrying that all of her friends will discover her fear of the dark during an Brownie overnight trip at a lighthouse, Sarah tries to hide her secret until a passing storm shows her that everyone has fears, including grownups.

Book 10 Marsha’s Unbearable Day

In this story, Marsha misplaces the teddy bear that has been sent to her Brownie troop by a sister troop in Australia. She spends the day trying to find it, and of course, she does.

Book 11 Jo Ann and the Surprise Party

Jo Ann, who is Chinese, is the central character of this story. The Brownie troop is throwing a party for their troop leader. The girls are asked to bring their favorite dessert. Jo Ann cannot decide whether or not to bring hers, which is a Chinese dish and much different from the other girls dessert choices. Jo Ann’s grandmother helps her decide what to bring.

Book 12 Krissy and the Big Snow

While going on a day trip to a working farm, a sudden snowstorm strands the Brownie troop overnight. Krissy, who is the focus of this story, is upset because she is in a play and will miss her opening night due to the weather. Krissy’s Brownie friends help comfort her and show compassion to Krissy during this unexpected turn of events.

While this book series is now out of print, it can still be purchased online. For young readers who love being a Girl Scout, these books are a great investment.

More Girl Scout SWAP Kits for Leaders

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Girl Scout Week 2017 Activities

It seems that during our busy cookie season, leaders also have two important Girl Scout holidays to celebrate as well. After World Thinking Day on February 22nd, there is Girl Scout Week. This year, Girl Scout Week 2017 is March 6-March 12th.

Girl Scout Week 2017 resources for leaders

Photo from Pixabay

Background and the history of Girl Scout week can be found  (all links have been checked and they work). This week is all about service to the community-what the troop has done and what else they can do to make the world a better place.

My Service Unit asks leaders to hand in lists of girls who are in scouts to hand in to each elementary and middle school, and their names are read during morning announcements (girls can opt out if they want to). I am pleased that my daughter and her friends still want their names to be shared. They are not embarrassed about being Girl Scouts. In fact, there is another very active Cadette troop in our Council and many of those girls attend the same middle school as my daughter. It is a nice thing to see!

Our local Council also typically has a fun roller skating night at a local rink for all girls during Girl Scout Week. It is a time to come together and it permits the younger girls to see the older girls having fun as a scout. Our troop attended last year and were just a few of the handful of older girls who were there. This year they want to pass on this event.

I have found more resources for leaders to use for Girl Scout Week 2017. Ignore the dates on the documents-they have nothing to do with the actual celebration itself. Start planning now so you won’t be trying to do everything last minute!

Girl Scout Week Calendar

Scouting Web-List of Activities

Girl Scouts of Rhode Island

5 Simple Activities

Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada

Activities for Daisy Scouts

What will your troop be doing for Girl Scout Week 2017?

World Thinking Day Party Supplies

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World Thinking Day Party Supplies for you meeting or Council event.

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Is your service unit hosting a World Thinking Day event? Here are some supplies that will make your event more festive. If someone in your unit has Amazon Prime, this will get to you in two days!

More Free Printable Girl Scout Cookie Thank You Notes

Leaders are always looking for freebies, and here is one for you! Many troops want to thank their customers, and here are some free printable Girl Scout cookie thank you notes that your troop can use. Save your ink and make one copy and bring it to a print shop to make copies. Your cost is reimbursable as long as you have a receipt to hand to your treasurer.

Free printable Girl Scout cookie thank you notes for your troop to use.

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New for 2017 is this pretty note card set from Fashionable Moms. There are also other thank yous that you can print on cards available on the site. Here is one of them. This blogger also has printable wrappers for your cookies. Find them here.

Need more ideas? This blog post will be very helpful to you!