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I was looking online at Walmart and found this incredible deal on a discontinued Girl Scout scrapbooking item. If you have a Junior Girl Scout troop who scrapbooks or you wish to give your girls a present, here is a fantastic Girl Scout gift for them. If you have second year Brownies, you can save these for scrapbooking next year!

On sale for 80% off and free shipping-Jolee's Boutique Sticker Collage 3D Girl Scout Uniform and Cookies Scrapbooking Kit

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You can also buy them in bulk in a 3 pack or 6 pack with even better savings and free shipping.

Find all kinds of discounted Girl Scout items here!

5 Ways You Are Making Your Life as a Girl Scout Leader More Difficult Than it Needs to Be

I read about it in all of the Girl Scout groups and forums that I visit. It isn’t even cookie season yet and leaders are stressed and up in arms about girls have have not yet registered, parents who have not paid dues, parents asking for siblings to join the troop on trips, and the every day stress that goes along with planning meetings that you want to make both fun and meaningful.

I have been there, done that, and am so over it! Leaders, some of the stress is avoidable. Here is how.

Here are 5 things that Girl Scout leaders do that make their volunteer positions more difficult than it needs to be. Find out how to correct them so you can enjoy it more!

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  1. Stressing Over Parental Responsibilities

The deadline for Girl Scout registration has come and gone. If a girl’s parents have not registered her yet, then let it go.  Do not take their lack of interest personally; scouting is not for all girls. The time you are meeting might not work out for her with the other activities she is in. Money may be an issue and parents are too proud to ask for help. Whatever the reason, you do not own it.

2. You Are a Softie 

You are not firm with the rules. You need to establish guidelines from the very first meeting or else you are setting yourself for future problems. To avoid stress in the upcoming years, you need to establish rules about:

  • Tagalongs I understand that finding babysitters for siblings can be tough, but the fact is that there is liability involved if you permit Scout siblings along on your trips and at your meetings. They are also a distraction at your meeting. Don’t feel like you have to be “nice” on this issue. Do you want to be sued?

Some leaders permit families to attend family outings, and that is your judgement call. However, they have to pay for their own fees and those of their other children. Outings that are just for Girl Scouts, like camping, should not have anyone who is not a scout or registered adult.

  • Dues  Make your life easy…collect dues at the beginning of the year and be done with it. Use this money for things that all the girls will use during the year. Do not buy uniforms or pay for registration with this money. If a girl does not return, you are out the money. Keep in mind that every activity does not require a fun patch (badges are different) so do not go wild just because you see leaders in Girl Scout Facebook groups showing photos of their daughters’ overfilled vests. It is not a contest.
  • RSVPing to Events  Another issue for leaders is stressing over parents who do not respond by deadlines. BE FIRM! You are wasting your precious energy chasing for money and permission slips. Have a deadline and if it is missed, too bad for the child. Why are you spending this much energy on a child whose own mother and father cannot be bothered to give you the common courtesy of an answer? Establish your rules for responding to requests and stick by them. Have them in writing for parents and post it on each event flyer/email you send all year long. You are not to blame if a girl misses something. Her parents are.

3. You Are Not Asking for Help

Follow these guidelines to avoid Girl Scout leader burnout.

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The fastest way to get burnt out of this volunteer position is to do it all yourself. In the beginning of my leadership, I had a parent volunteer to run each meeting. The second year I had parents also help at meetings since twelve Daisy Scouts needed a lot of help! Initially, my co-leader was helpful but over time that became less and less, despite my requests for her help. By the beginning of my sixth year of leadership (second year Juniors), I knew that I had had enough. I emailed the parents in the fall that this would more than likely be my last year and that someone needed to step up (and someone did). I have been co-leading since then, and I love it. I plan the community service projects and organize them, giving the main leader a break. How I would have loved that! Ask for help when you need it. If you do not get it, then your daughter can always be a Juliette.

4. You Do More Than You Are Comfortable With

Repeat after me. “No, I can’t do that.” “No, my troop is full.” “No, I cannot watch your daughter at the booth sale.” Whatever it is that you do not want to do, you do not have to do it! I realize that some Councils are keeping troops under a certain number as “open”, but you can close the door by leaving and having your daughter be a Juliette. You are a volunteer and never forget that.

5. Too Much Pinterest Pinterest is a great tool for leaders. Remember to take it easy and only do things that are valuable to your troop.

Photo from Pixabay

Are you spending hours pinning adorable ideas that will take even more hours of your time to implement? Keep it simple, sister! Here is one example that I see a lot…Presenting badges and patches to girls. Leaders make such a big deal of presenting things in such a crafty manner…does it matter? Yes, they look adorable and there is an initial “Wow” factor, but now you are expected to do this every. single. time.  Would Juliette Gordon Low be spending time and energy on that or would she be planning a great skill meeting or adventure for her girls?

For the record, my girls received their earned badges and fun patches in envelopes at the end of a meeting. I awarded them as they were earned, since the girls love to wear them on their vests and sashes.

Take control of your time and how you run your troop.

Girl Scout Ornaments 65% Off Black Friday Weekend Sale

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I love to shop, and as my dear friend who can spend any amount on anything she says, “Quality at a discount!”

This weekend only, Zazzle has Girl Scout ornaments (and any other kind of ornament) on sale for 65% off!

Here are some of the dozens of Girl Scout ornament designs you can have for your daughter, granddaughter or favorite scout in your life! These are available in many levels of scouts, in different hair colors and different skin tones. They can all be personalized and are available in shapes other than the ones featured here.

Daisy Girl Scout 


Daisy Scout Sled Dark Skin Ceramic Ornament

Daisy Scout Sled Dark Skin Ceramic Ornament

by SunsetScouts

Brownie Girl Scouts

Junior Girl Scouts


Craft Supply Alert-30 Sharpie Markers in Gift Box for Only $10

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Here is a craft item all Girl Scout leaders need to have as part of their craft supplies-Sharpies! Walmart has a set of 30 for only $10! This includes both fine and ultra fine pointed markers. If you poke around any site or store you know that a pack of ten goes for more money than this!

Sharpie Markers 30 count gift set from Walmart is now on sale!

Available at Walmart

You can buy yours online and pick it up at your local store for free or have it shipped directly to your home. Older girls can create so many wonderful things with these permanent markers. If your daughter loves to draw, then this beautifully boxed set makes an inexpensive gift for her or any of the other artists on you holiday gift list.

Easy Winter Crafts for Girl Scouts

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It is that time of year again when the Girl Scout Facebook groups that I belong to start to fill up with discussions about the upcoming holiday season. Last year, in this blog post, I wrote about how I felt about the whole situation. As a woman who has spent her life in the minority, it really touched a nerve when I read the postings of fellow Girl Scout leaders. In a movement where three of the first leaders were Jewish, where troops for African Americans, Native Americans and the disabled (back in 1936) were created, the inclusiveness that our founder, Juliette Gordon Lowe, strived for, goes off the deep end.

Here are some easy winter crafts for Girl Scout leaders to use during the busy December season. These are inclusive and can be done by all girls, regardless of what holiday they celebrate.

Photo from Pixabay

Girl Scouts needs to be inclusive 365 days a year. Your girls will be fine doing service projects, making gifts for their families, and celebrating the new winter season. Celebrating one holiday and leaving girls out who do not share in those beliefs is not the Girl Scout way.

Making a marshmallow igloo is a fun craft to make at your December Girl Scout party.

Photo by Hannah Gold

If you are planning a winter themed party, you can read how I made a marshmallow igloo with my son’s class several years ago. This will require a few extra hands for the younger girls, and of course, some extra marshmallows for snacking!

You can plan a New Year’s Eve party at your meeting. That would be fun for the girls to do with each other!

These winter foam shapes are perfect for making cards, decorating picture frames and decorating jars, gift bags and gift boxes.

500 Piece Winter Foam Shapes from Amazon

You can make cards for friends and family, decorate gift bags, mason jars and gift boxes with these winter themed shapes that are so easy to use. You can also adhere these to foam picture frames. Below are snowflake shapes that can also be used for crafts.

Snowflake foam shapes can also be used for winter crafts.

400 Pieces of Snowflake Foam Stickers from Amazon

Making snowman charm bracelets is a fun activity and can be a gift for the girls to give someone or just to make for themselves!

This snowman bracelet craft kit comes with 12 kits that are ready for your girls to assemble.

Snowman Charm Bracelet Craft Kit from Amazon-12 Count

Here are some other craft kits to make your party planning go easier.

What are you planning for your winter party?