Inexpensive Gifts for Brownie Girl Scouts

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With the holiday season upon us, you may be wanting to buy your daughter or granddaughter who is a Brownie Girl Scout a holiday gift that relates to Girl Scouting.

This adorable Brownie Girl Scout necklace makes a great gift for your daughter or granddaughter who is a scout. It has free shipping!

This Brownie Girl Scout necklace is handmade and comes with a 24 in silver plated ball chain. It is made from a wooden game piece.

This Brownie Girl Scout uniform fits 18 inch dolls.

Many girls this age are into American Girl dolls. Now yours can have a Brownie uniform that fits 18 inch dolls. This one is on sale.

This multi-pack of Lip Smackers can be broken up to give to your girls as a small gift or the entire package can be given to your daughter.

An inexpensive gift and a small token to give the girls in your troop during the holiday season is this 8 pack of Girl Scout Cookie flavored Lip Smackers. Your co-leader and you can split the cost and break up the set. Place it in a cellophane bag with some peppermints and a few chocolates and you have an easy gift for your girls!

Thin Mint lip gloss and chap stick duo make a fun stocking stuffer!

Lip Smackers are also available by flavor. You can purchase the lip gloss/chap stick set in Thin Mint flavor or a few others. There are different sets and configurations that will work for you.

What are you planning on buying your Brownie Girl Scout?

Friday Freebie Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program

Girl Scout free Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program. Girls do activities to earn this patch.

Photo from Pixabay

The heart is our most important organ, as it keeps us alive. Unfortunately, heart disease is one of the most undiagnosed in women. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, heart disease kills more women than men each year.

If we teach our children to eat right and exercise regularly, then we are setting them up for a lifetime of being heart healthy. The Go Red Girl Scout Patch Program was created by the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health. It was created to help the girls in your troop to engage in heart healthy activities,  as well as the women in their families.

This program is for all scouting levels. You can print the booklet for your age group and when the girls have completed the required activities, fill out the form to purchase this patch.

The program details can be found at the UW School of Medicine website.

Interesting Badges to Earn from Alaska

Did you know that your girls can earn badges from other Girl Scout councils?

Nine badges from the Fairbanks Girl Scout Council can be earned by your girls.

While doing some research for another blog post,  I came across the Fairbanks Girl Scouts website. What a fun group of patches and badges girls can earn if they live in a very cold winter climate! All of the requirements are listed for you.

There are nine different badges that girls can earn. Everything from Dog Mushing to Traditional Cooking can be earned. This is for troops or girls who really love the great outdoors and do not mind the cold!

Have you earned any badges from other Councils?

Girl Scout Friday Freebie from The Groundwater Foundation

Free Girl Scout prgraom from the Groundwater Foundation in Nebraska. This is for all levels and aligns with the It's Your Planet-Love It! Journeys.

Photo from Pixabay

This week’s Friday Freebie comes from the The Groundwater Foundation in Nebraska. The goal of this fun patch is to for girls to learn about the water they drink. Yes, it comes from a faucet, but there is more to it than that!

On their website, they have activities for every level of scouts. This aligns with the It’s Your Planet-Love It! Journeys. Once the patch is completed, you can call their Girl Scout store and if they are like many others, they will ship the patches to you upon payment.

You can read about how to earn this patch at The Groundwater Foundation’s website.

Girl Scout Oreo Cookie Sandwich Chocolate Candy Mold and Other Girl Scout Bakeware

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With Halloween now over and Thanksgiving around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about what you want to do with your girls for the upcoming holiday season. Do you want them to bake treats for their family as a gift or to help them earn a Brownie Snacks badge or the Junior Simple Meals badge?

There are some fun Girl Scout themed items to help your girls do this.

Add pizzazz to your Oreos with this chocolate mold with the Girl Scout logo. It has free shipping!This Girl Scout Oreo Cookie mold can be used to make the iconic sandwich cookie even more chocolatey!  It can also be used for chocolates as well. It has free shipping!

The Girl Scout chocolate mold is a fun way for the girls to earn badges that require simple cooking. Can be used to make treats for bridging ceremonies as well.This trefoil chocolate mold is also fun for making treats for special occasions.

This trefoil cookie cutter is 3.5 inches and can be used for lots of troop treats!

The trefoil means Girl Scouts, and this 3.5 inch plastic cookie cutter is in the shape that we are all familiar with. Top with white frosting and green sprinkles and you have a tasty snack for any special Girl Scout occasion!

Girl Scout Friday Freebie-PBS FETCH! Girl Scout Patch Program

Brownies and Juniors can earn a badge steeped in science and engineering from the PBS Show FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman.

Photo from Pixabay

This week’s Girl Scout freebie is one where your girls can earn a free patch. It integrates well for Brownies and Juniors.

Sponsored by PBS and based on the popular children’s program FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman, girls will use science and engineering activities that tie in with the theme of the show.

You can find the requirements here.

Girl Scout Meetings and Cell Phones Do Not Mix

Girl Scout leaders need to establish rules and guidelines for cell phone use as the girls get older.
Photo from nenetus

If you think that this post is all about the girls, then think again. I am talking to you as well.

Sometimes when I hear myself, I realize that I am getting older. I remember a time before cell phones invaded every aspect of our lives. When “car phones” (remember when they were called that?) first arrived on the scene, they were large, clunky, and had to be charged in a base in your car. They were very expensive as well. The only women I knew who had them were the wives of very successful men (think doctors and lawyers). Only one of my teaching colleagues owned one, and her husband worked in a very successful family business.

My “Girls Night Out” was blissfully uninterrupted by children and husbands. No one dared to call a house landline when young children were asleep! But once cell phones became more accessible to the masses, that all ended and phone calls started to interrupt what was once sacred time away from the family.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because as the leader of older girls, I have seen that they are attached at the palm to their phones. Due to personality conflicts and seeing things that made us wary, we decided that a “no phone” rule had to be in place for all meetings. Girls who brought them would have them placed in a basket by the door as they entered. If we saw them with a phone, it would be taken away. Parents were on board with this rule.

We all know that tweens and teen girls can be quite catty. They can “talk” about another girl or even a leader without saying a word because they can text it to each other. Smirks, side glances and giggles after sending a text is passive/aggressive behavior. Showing Instagram pictures that include only small cliques of girls but not all can cause hurt feelings.

These slights can harm just as much as words can, especially if there are a few girls who can alter your troop’s dynamic. This is not promoting the sisterhood of Girl Scouting.

Girl Scout meetings and phones do not mix. A no-phone rule should be invoked for both girls and leaders.

Photo from Pixabay

Girl Scout meetings should be a phone free time for everyone, including leaders. While you do need to have your phone handy in case a parent calls, you can have a ringtone assigned for all scouting parents so if any other tone goes off, you can make the decision to check your phone or not. Unless there is a big emergency in your life and/or a family member needs to reach you, there is no reason to answer your phone.  This time belongs to the girls.

The problem with phones is that when you answer one, you are telling the people you are with that the people who are not there are far more important. I see a generation of children who accept being ignored by adults, and they find it perfectly normal to ignore adults because they are mimicking behavior that they experience all the time.

While you cannot control phone time outside of your Girl Scout meeting, you are in total control while the troop is with you. Use this electronics free time to your advantage.

How have you handled cell phones at your meetings? What are your rules?

Colorful Girl Scout Swap Kits for Your Troop

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Here are some wonderful Girl Scout Swap kits for you to do with your troop. It is a fun way to end your meeting and requires no planning on your part! These kits come ready made and can be shared with another troop if these are too many for your girls.

How to Make a Girl Scout Sit Upon

Making a Girl Scout Sit Upon is easy to do!
Photo by Hannah Gold. All rights reserved.

It is fun to make a Girl Scout Sit Upon.  With just a skein of yarn, a needle for each girl, a dollar store tablecloth and a few volunteers, this handy seat can be taken on all of your Girl Scout adventures!

Prep Work

Cut the tablecloths into large rectangles like shown in the first picture.

Cut yarn and place masking tape at the ends so it threads easily.

*All photos taken by me. All rights reserved.

Step 1 on how to make a Girl Scout Sit Upon

Cut the plastic table cloth so you have eight rectangles.  Do this before your meeting.

Step 1

Have the girls fold their piece of table cloth so both ends touch. Place a staple in the middle of two of the three sides. You do not want to use pins, and the staples will hold the tablecloth side in place.

Have the girls thread the yarn through the needles and make a knot at the end of it.

Have them do a running stitch. We originally tried a whip stitch, and it was hard for my daughter to do.

Use a running stitch to sew together the sit upon.Use a running stitch for the first two sides.  Place a staple in the middle of them to secure them in place.

Step 2

Continue with the running stitch on one side and the top. When you get to the third side (which has no staple), crumple up five to seven pieces of newspaper and stuff It inside. Then staple the middle of that side and finish with the running stitch.

Making a Girl Scout sit upon is inexpensive and easy for girls to do.

Stuff the open side with five to seven sheets of crumpled newspaper.

The Sit Upon will be puffy. Have the girls sit on it to crush it down.

Finished Girl Scout sit upon

The finished product. It will flatten out once the girls sit upon it!

Write each girls name on it in a Sharpie. If you want, you can have them decorate the Sit Upon with different colored Sharpie markers.

If you wish to cover the stitches, then you can have the girls cover them with duct tape.

You can have the girls bring them home and hope they do not toss them, or you can take them and store the Sit Upons for the next time you need them. If you are letting the girls take them home, send a note to the parents to put them in a safe place.

Making a Sit Upon is a fun Girl Scout activity!

Girl Scout Friday Freebie-Girl Scouts on Wheels

This Girl Scout free bike patch program can be earned by anyone. The patches are free to those who live in the Southeast Philadelphia area.

Photo from Pixabay

Welcome to another installment of the Girl Scout Friday Freebie!

This program is free to download for everyone, but the patch is only free to those who live in the Southeast Pennsylvania area. You can buy the patch that has the Philly skyline for $1.00 per girl to cover the cost, or the blogger suggests buying your own fun patch for biking. This badge is aimed at the Junior level.

The point of this patch is for girls to get familiar with their bicycle. It can be incorporated for an Earth Day activity because riding a bike is great for the environment. It is also a way for girls to learn about safety and being healthy through exercise.

Read about the Girl Scouts on Wheels program here.

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