Valentine’s Day Craft for a Community Service Project and to Earn Daisy Petals

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Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love and appreciation of others. While it focuses on romantic love for adults, for children, it is all about the special people in their lives. Parents, grandparents, siblings and even a special teacher are the adults that make a child’s world safe and secure.

This holiday can also be a time to do a service project for those who may not have a special someone in their lives or are far away from those whom they love.

Valentine's Day craft kit that makes 12 bears. Give out to those in nursing homes or send overseas to those in the service for a meaningful craft and meeting.

Available at S&S Worldwide

This is a stuffed red bear is a highly rated craft kit from the reviews available on the site. It comes with enough materials to make 12 bears at a very reasonable price. The kit include stuffing, hook-and-loop closure on back, ribbon, and instructions. The finished project measures 4-1/2″ x 5″.

This can help Daisy Girl Scouts earn the Rose Daisy petal, Make the World a Better Place or the Light Green Daisy petal, Considerate and Caring.

You can make also make cards to add to the stuffed bear gift.

Easy Girl Scout Valentine’s Day Crafts Using Doillies

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While I know that Valentine’s Day is next month, an organized leader is planning and staying ahead of the game…especially during cookie season!

Need a quick and easy Valentine's Day craft for kids? Use heart shaped doillies!

Photo from Pixabay

Here are some fun craft ideas that use heart shaped doillies.

Use these heart shaped doillies for an inexpensive Valentine's Day craft.

Available on Amazon

At Momtastic, she has a tutorial for an easy pop-up card.

At Joe Seoul Man, there is an easy butterfly craft that uses two heart doillies glued to a thin mini candy bar (Twix, Kit Kats) and there are hearts on top like these easy peel and stick foam ones.

Valentine's Day foam hearts for a multitude of crafts.

Available on Amazon

At I Heart Arts N Crafts, there is a hot air balloon card that would be fun to make!

Inner Child Fun had a great idea that used doilies and scratch off hearts like these.

Scratch off hearts for Valentine's Day crafts for your class party or Girl Scout troop.

Available on Amazon

Finally, at No Time for Flash Cards, this painting craft will create a beautiful piece of art.

What will your troop be doing for Valentine’s Day?

4 Fun Girl Scout Cookie Selling Tips to Help Your Booth Sales

Although my troop decided not to sell cookies this year, that does not mean that this year’s selling season is going to go unnoticed on my blog. If you have been selling Girl Scout cookies for some time now, your troop may want to shake things up a bit.  Here are some fun ideas that I have found around the web to help you make cookie selling fun.

Here are some fun ideas for your troop to use to help them sell Girl Scout cookies at their next booth sale.

Photo by Hannah Gold

Girl Scout Cookie Crowns 

This soccer mom has a fun tutorial on how to take those empty Girl Scout cookie boxes (you KNOW you have them!) and turn them into crowns for the girls to wear at your booth or even going door-to-door.

Giant Samoa

This mommyblogger explained in her comments section that she made a giant Samoa cookie using the side of a cardboard box and shredded copy paper glued to it. I would use shredded brown construction paper mixed in with the brown paper.

Everybody Loves Girl Scout Cookies

Download this printable and use it to bling your booth, laminate to make pins, or shrink it down and print it on different colored paper to make paper necklaces.

Upsell Valentine’s Day

If you want to promote a box of cookies as a gift to give someone you like or love, check out my Valentine’s Day fun Pinboard to see many fun and inexpensive ideas to promote you sales.

What are you doing to make selling Girl Scout cookies fun for your girls and you?

Girl Scout Cookie Pins

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Ready or not, it is cookie season! One way for your troop to “sell” without having to say a word is to have them wear Girl Scout cookie pins! When outdoors, they can wear them on their coats; when indoors, they look great pinned to a sweater or shirt.

Here are this year’s Girl Scout cookie pins that are available from Zazzle. There are coupon codes to make it cost even less!


Walmart Clearance at 75% Great Craft Items Available!

Happy New Year my fellow leaders!

I just wanted to give all of you deal seekers a heads up on what is available at Walmart. Most stores have 75% off on their Christmas merchandise, and I had a party buying things for my service projects, my personal crafting, my daughters’ crafting and for my preschool class.

Photo by Hannah Gold

These sprinkle sets rang up $1.22. There were plenty of red sugars for Valentine’s Day and green for Saint Patrick’s Day or for your bridging to Juniors ceremony.

Photo by Hannah Gold

Craft ribbon in all colors and sizes was also marked down. I bought enough spools to last a very long time! The blue is perfect for Daisy crafts!

Have you found any great Girl Scout bargains you would like to share?