In my last post about my Cadette troop, I shared how we started to work on the Marketing badge since we are selling cookies for the first time since the girls were Daisy Scouts. In an email sent over the weekend, the leader had a change of plans.  First, our meeting date was changed and so was the focus of the meeting.  Instead of working on decorating our cookie booth, the girls would be making cards for our troops overseas.  I, for one, was glad for the change because I love service projects and with once a month meetings and cookie sales in the future, it was going to be late winter or spring before we could tackle a project.

This is not the first time my troop has done this kind of project.  In a detailed InfoBarrel article, I shared how my third grade Brownie troop baked cookies for our men and women in uniform.  I had them divided into three stations-cookie baking, card making, and tin decorating.  They needed a lot more supervision skill wise, but now that they are all 11 and 12, the focus was not so much on skill but with staying on task.

Now as 6th grade Cadettes, they only need a bit of direction and an occasional reminder to stay on task.

The card making station.  Photo by Hannah Gold

The card making station. Photo by Hannah Gold

The leader and co-leader brought in their stickers and materials and then the girls went to town.  We were able to just sit back and chat while the girls socialized with each other.

This is the main reason that when I stepped down as leader another parent stepped in my place.  The girls had been together since kindergarten (5 of the 10 started with me back then, then three joined in first grade, one in second grade and one in fifth grade) and our middle school is set up into teams.  One team is on one side of the building and the other team is on the opposite end.  The children do not get to see each other at all, not even for lunch and recess, as that is kept separate.  From my older daughter’s experience, close friendships unravel and end because of how the school is set up.  By keeping the troop together, the girls have time to just sit back with familiar faces and keep the threads of friendship going.  While it is true that over the years there have been changes to the friendships, overall, they have endured and we can thank Girl Scouting for this.

After making some really gorgeous cards, it was time to decorate cookies.  Because these were a bit messy, they were not going to be sent to the troops.  The other co-leader had made them and every girl had her own cookie decorating kit at her place.

Every girl had the same remade kit. Photo by Hannah Gold

Every girl had the same remade kit. Photo by Hannah Gold

They enjoyed decorating and eating their masterpieces!

Finished cookies ready for eating!  Photo by Hannah Gold

Finished cookies ready for eating! Photo by Hannah Gold

In January, we will be getting our cookie booths in order and then training the girls on how to run them.

What service projects have you done this month?



Last week we had our second Cadette meeting of the year.  At our previous meeting, several major decision were made, including the one to sell cookies. This ties in nicely with the marketing badge, which the girls will be earning in conjunction with this traditional Girl Scout fundraiser.

Each girl arrived and went to the playroom to hang out while waiting for the others to arrive.  One girl was chosen to lead the meeting, as our big goal for the year is making this as girl led as possible.  After everyone had arrived, we gathered in the family room, did the pledge, law and promise, and got down to business.


The girls had an assignment to complete for the Cadette Marketing badge, and it was to pick a logo from a favorite brand and be prepared to discuss it.  My daughter picked Dunkin Donuts, another girl picked Starbucks, and an assortment of cookies and chocolate (Oreos, Kit Kats and Reese’s) were also discussed.

It got quite loud during our discussion, and the girls decided to pick a signal that the girl in charge would use to quiet everyone down and get them to focus on the task at hand.  Need I tell you that it was used quite a bit that night?  The leaders and I are still getting used to things being girl led, and the problem of letting them social mixed in with completed the necessary badge work.

Our discussion led to Girl Scout cookies and what people thought of the brand.  Then they discussed how to sell them door to door with an adult and at our booths (manners, smiles).  I then shared with them that they could  bling their booth and attract customers. This really  excited them, as they do love arts and crafts!  They sketched a few ideas.

The last portion of the meeting had the girls going through supermarket circulars to see the price of cookies in the store. They noticed the price difference between those on sale and Girl Scout cookies.  Again, we talked about brand, what people think about when they see girls selling cookies, and how they are out for a limited time.


I read in the Babycenter Girl Scout Mom forum how one leader turned a “No” into a sale.  When people say they do not want a box, her girls asked if they would buy one for the troops. Almost every time, a person either bought a box or gave a donation towards a box.  We have a local organization that ships items to the troops regularly, so this is something our girls will try at  our booth sales.

The meeting ended with discussing next month’s agenda, which will be to create artwork for blinging their booths. We will also be discussing potential field trip ideas from the list they generated at our October meeting. Then the girl in charge of the meeting played Freeze Dance and then it was time to go home.

It was productive, but loud.  Hopefully next month will be calmer as they have markers and glue in their hands!

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