The Girl Scout Deluxe Cookie Oven is Here!

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The Girl Scout Cookie Oven lets girls and adults bake their favorite flavors at home in less time than an Easy Bake Oven. Available at Walmart.

I have been keeping my eye on this and it is finally available! The Girl Scout Cookie Oven can be purchased at your local Walmart for pick up only.  I am guessing this is to prevent people from buying an entire shelf worth of them for the resale market (where they are already double the price).

Go to Walmart. com and make sure your zip code is entered so you can find your local offerings. Of my three local stores, two are already sold out! It has 36 reviews, with a total of almost 4.5 stars.

If you want to have one for your own daughter, I would order it now before your store is also sold out.

Free Girl Scout Mental Health Awareness Program With Free Patch

The International Bipolar Foundation has a free mental health awareness program that comes with a free patch for each girl who completes it.

Photo from Pixabay

This morning I read about a free program for Girl Scouts. The International Bipolar Foundation has created a program for all levels of Girl Scouts to create an understanding about mental health awareness. The program is online and when it is completed, just mail in the form and how many patches you need.

Before you click away and say “This is not for my girls!”, please hear me out. As the mother of a recovering anorexic and another daughter with ADHD, I am well aware of the stigma that some people have towards mental illness. When my older daughter began her steps towards recovery, I could tell no one. She was ashamed, embarrassed and thought that people would look at her differently if they knew about her disease. Only a handful of people knew, and in order to ensure her recovery, I kept my word and locked this painful secret inside. When she was ready, she let people know.

Guess what? They still loved her and admired her courage.

Free Girl Scout Mental Health Program for All Levels. Girls can earn a patch for their vest and sash for free.

Photo from Pixabay

ADHD is also a form of mental illness, and I am sure you have encountered a child or two with it-maybe within your own troop or even your own family. There is a greater understanding of this illness, but girls can still be the victim of bullying due to their behavior.

Girl Scouts is all about being inclusive. We are sisters in scouting, we help and care not only for the world around us, but for each other. A troop should be a safe place for all girls.

The purpose for this program is to bring greater awareness and understanding to mental illness. Many times, when people hear the term “mental illness”, they think of an unkept street person muttering to himself or herself on the streets. This is a stereotype. Many adults that you know have a mental illness and you just do not know because it is simply something they do not share. I know many people who are medicated for depression and anxiety. They are wonderful human beings who live productive lives thanks to medicine and therapists.

I have read through the program and it is very age appropriate and is broken down into levels. You can find the article about it here.  The entire Girl Scout Mental Health Awareness patch packet, complete with printables, directions and the steps to earn the patch can be found here.

World Thinking Day 2016

Here is the information leaders need to learn about Girl Scout World Thinking Day 2016/

Photo by Pixabay

For all of you leaders who are planners, here is a link to World Thinking Day 2016.

The theme this year is “Connect”, and my brain is whirling with all of the things you can do for this. Depending on the level of your girls, you can make this as simple as a Swap craft for another troop or as grand as doing a community service project that speaks to your heart.

To earn the badge for World Thinking Day 2016, girls will have to complete one activity from four different sections, and then  share with the world what they did via this hashtag: #connect10milllion.

There is also a downloadable booklet for leaders to use.

Girl Scout Kaper Charts

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I have spent my entire adult life around children. As a classroom teacher since 1987,  I have taught every age from 18 months through 12 years old.

One of the most fascinating things that I have seen is how almost every child loves to help when they are outside the home. When I taught elementary school, the dust pan and broom was a favorite tool for the kids to use.  I simply cannot imagine that happening in their own homes!

Organizing shelves, passing out papers, and cleaning up after themselves took no effort on my part.  As a mom, I can honestly say that doing chores at home does not go as smoothly (not even close!)

Ideas for Girl Scout kaper charts that are easy to make.

Photo from Pixabay

During my Girl Scout meetings, I always had my girls doing jobs. Since I always arrived first to pick up the girls from class, I had them set up the classroom where we met. Table were put together, art supplies were put out,  and any other thing I needed to be done before we started was done by them.

Another girl took the trash can out of the classroom and was in charge of collecting our post-snack garbage (we met after school and could not eat in the classroom, so we ate in the hallway).

There was a child in charge of leading the Pledge and the Promise and Law.

Throughout the meeting, the girls helped each other and with clean up as well.

One Girl Scout tradition that helps both the girls and you is to have a Kaper Chart. This is a list of jobs that each girl is assigned at each meeting. Working together promotes sisterhood and teamwork. Every child needs to do her share at each meeting in order for it to run well.

In this article, Girl Scout Kaper Charts-Ideas and Resources, I described how to make your chart and what kinds of jobs to include. I also have a list of resources for you to use so you can see different examples.

Bear in mind yours does not have to be fancy at all. Here is a basic one for you to make. You can use glue for the letters and Velcro for the library cards.

Girl Scout Kaper Chart ideas-use a trifold for a simple and portable chart to take to each meeting.


Easy to use Trifold from Amazon

Bright and colorful library pockets for your Kaper chart.Bright and colorful library pockets from Amazon

This set of bulletin board letters are perfect for your Kaper chart!

Bulletin Board letters from Amazon

Children need to learn how to help no matter what age they are. Remember that you volunteered your time to lead the troop, not to clean up after them. Part of the scouting experience is teaching girls skill sets, and not only outdoor ones.

Do you use a kaper chart? If you want to share yours, email me a picture and I will share it on another blog post.

Girl Scout Leader Uniforms-Ideas That Are Way Cool

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One of the items that I have been on the lookout for on eBay is an old Girl Scout leader uniform. While I still have in my possession my Junior sash and beret, the uniform got passed down when I was a child.

I want to have my own adult uniform so I can wear it on the Jewish holiday of Purim, where we dress up in costume. To date, my efforts have been in vain, since they are either too expensive or too big.

Personally, I love to look at the vintage Girl Scout photos and see what the adults in charge used to wear. Everything was just so proper back then!

In the past, Girl Scout leaders used to dress in official uniforms. Most modern women do not wear them, but there are some cute ideas that would work for today's modern leader.

By Abbie Rowe, 1905-1967, Photographer (NARA record: 8451352) (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In the photograph above, which was taken with First Lady Bess Truman, there are two leaders, and each one is wearing a uniform and a hat!

While that look would be a no-go today, there are several fun tee shirts available for leaders to wear while at meetings and while on field trips. It makes sense to have a designated shirt for when you are out as a group so the girls can find you quickly.

This Daisy petal is done in a Zentangle design and would look awesome on your leader tee shirt.

This Daisy petal is made in the Zentangle art form. Zentangle is a series of repetitive designs. This is an original piece of work and it can be found here on Redbubble. It can be put on a regular or junior cut tee shirt.

Check out other Girl T-Shirts at
Brownie leaders are easily identifiable with this brown tee shirt. It can be made in 39 different colors and dozens of different styles.
Browse more Girl T-Shirts at Zazzle
Junior Girl Scout leaders have the same color and style options as Brownie leaders.
Long sleeve styles are also available for when the weather starts to get colder.

The Girl Scout Cookie Oven

In case you have not heard, The Girl Scouts are coming out with a brand new item this fall-an official Girl Scout Cookie Oven! Now girls and adults can bake their own treats at home with this Suze Homemaker/Easy Bake Oven styled product.

The difference between those old school kinds and this one is that baking time is cut in half. It takes about 15-17 minutes to make these bite sized treats. You can make a batch or three during your meeting!
The Girl Scout Cookie Oven lets girls and adults bake their favorite flavors at home in less time than an Easy Bake Oven.


Photos from Walmart

The Girl Scout Cookie Oven includes everything you see here, iincluding a package of Thin Mint Cookie mix.

The item is not available right now, but will be soon. You can sign up for an email alert and Walmart will email you as son as it is in stock. This will make a great holiday gift for your favorite scout!

Here is how it works:

Cute Swap to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout or to Start off the Brownie Year

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If you want to start your scouting year on the right foot, then here is an adorable Swap for you to do with your girls.

This Sister Swap is also a wonderful craft to do if you want to earn the Violet Daisy petal.

Girl Scout Swap kit-Sisters-perfect for earning the violet Daisy petal.

This set comes with enough beads, pins, and ribbon to make 36 Swaps. If that is too much for your troop, consider sharing the cost with another troop or making them for a future Camporee that your Council is having.

There are a limited amount available. You can find them here.

If you like the idea of making this on your own, then you can choose from a large assortment of single letter beads to create the word you want.

Beads for Girl Scout crafts that have free shipping!

These beads are from Rockin Beads and they have free shipping.

Pony beads come in all colors. If you are Daisy Scouts earning the violet petal, use shades of purple. Brownies and Juniors can use green and white beads.

This is an easy way for you to launch the new scouting year!

Brand New Children’s Biography of Juliette Gordon Low

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Now that the summer is more than halfway over for me (and for some of you reading this, school begins in a week or two!), my mind is getting ready for fall.  In my real life, my bosses have sent me emails about the upcoming year and now is the time to start planning before the busy-ness of the school year commences.

One of my summer blogging activities is looking for new Girl Scout items that leaders may want to utilize. I have found a few, and this is one of them!

This is a brand new children's biography of Juliette Gordon Low. It is perfect for scouts of all levels.


Released this June,  this new biography of the Girl Scout Founder, Juliette  Gordon Low:America’s First Girl Scout  is perfect for children. You can use it as a reference book for trivia games for older girls and as springboard for discussing her life while introducing who she is during your Founder’s Day activities.

It is available at Barnes and Noble.

Activities for Daisy Girl Scouts, Brownie Girl Scouts, Juniors, Cadettes and More!