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If you have read this blog for any length of time, then you know that I have never been a fan of the Girl Scout Journeys program. From the time I first looked at the Daisy Journey book when my troop started in kindergarten, my experienced teacher self thought, “This is age inappropriate!”.

My most commented on blog post in the past 6.5 years has been about the Journeys program (you can read it here). I followed it up last year with a post about Councils and leaders having a Journey in a Day program . The bottom line for me is if it this program is so important, why can it be done in a day? What have you learned in a day that was absorbed completely?

Leaders who need to do a Journey but dislike the program have flocked to this concept. Since it is so popular, I have decided to place all of the Girl Scout Journey in a Day resources for you in one place. Then you can pick and choose what you want to do!

Of course, before you make any plans on your own, check your Council’s website to see what they are offering for a Journey in a Day. When searching for resources for you, the events often came up at the top of the list.

Want to get your Girl Scout Journey requirement over and done? Here is a list of resources for leaders to use from Daisy Scouts to Juniors.

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Daisy Girl Scout Journey in a Day

One Year of Daisy Scouts (two documents with HOW to do a Journey in a day or sleepover event)

Welcome to the Girl Scout Flower Garden (from Making Friends)

Between Earth and Sky (from Making Friends)

3 Cheers for Animals (from Making Friends)

3 Cheers for Animals (from Plant, Plant, Electro…What?)

3 Cheers for Animals (from Girl Scout Troop 2214)

Brownie Girl Scout Journey in a Day

Wonders of Water (from Girl Scout Troop 2214)

Brownie Quest Sleepover (from A year in the Life of a Girl Scout)

A World of Girls (from Girl Scouts of Nation’s Capital)

Junior Girl Scout Journey in a Day

aMuse (from I am Girl Scouts)

aMuse (from Girl Scouts of Nation’s Capital)

aMuse (from Girl Scout Leader 101)

Get Moving (from I am Girl Scouts)

Get Moving (from Girl Scout Leader 101)

Agent of Change (from Girl Scouts of Central Texas)

Have you done a Journey in a day? Did you plan it or attend a Council event?

8 thoughts on “Journey in a Day Resources for Leaders”

  1. Hi there, I am the troop leader for Troop 2214. Your active link for our Get Moving journey (Juniors) is incorrect. Takes readers to someone else’s (equally amazing!) blog 🙂

  2. Like you I am not fond of the Journey’s, at all. I would like to know if someone has developed a Journey in a day for the Cadette’s, Senior’s and Ambassador’s?

  3. This is my second year as a Daisy troop leader. The first year we focused on earning the petals. This year, we decided to wade into the Journey badges. We are going to complete the 3 Cheers for Animals and Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden.
    We were told the 3 Cheers for Animals Journey was “the one to do”. In fact, it was out of stock and the lead time for shipping was 6 weeks. I was able to find a copy on Amazon though. After digging through the leader guide I was simply amazed at what was expected for this age level. The leader guide suggests taking a whopping 10 meetings to complete this Journey. Almost half of the Journey is planning to earn the Red Robin Award. As an adult I was overwhelmed just reading the leader’s guide!
    I started tweaking things so they were more appropriate for my girls and I cut the amount of meetings in half. We are also going to take a tour of our local animal shelter and then to earn our Red Robin Award the girls are going to collect supplies to be donated to the animal shelter.
    I feel like Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden journey is a bit more age appropriate. It also seems like the meetings are more coherent versus 3 Cheers for Animals which at times to me, feels disjointed.
    The Flower Garden journey also seems to be more hands on for the girls and I feel will hold their attention more. Luckily for our troop, we will start the Garden Journey in late winter / early spring and the church I attend has decided to start a community garden so all of our plants, worms and possibly Labybugs will be donated to the community garden.
    I have zero experience with anything other than the Journeys so I cannot compare them to what was done prior to the Journeys. I do think some changes need to be made so they are more age appropriate.
    The Journey In a Day seems overwhelming as a leader and for the girls. It seems like that would be information overload and I am not sure how much the girls would absorb. And how in the world would you the Gardening Journey in a day?
    Anyway, sorry for the long comment!!

    1. I appreciate comments both long and short! I did not believe in the Journeys program since I felt it was age inappropriate and required too much overhauling, therefore never did one until I was forced to for my troop to earn the Bronze. Anything that needs that much tweaking to make it work tells me that it is not working! We are volunteers and the program should not have to be modified, which takes up so much more of our time. You may want to join the Daisy Girl Scout Facebook group. They have amazing resources and can help you answer how to do the Journey in a Day. You really do not have to do it, so I would not stress over it.

  4. Don’t forget the Girl Scouts of River Valleys. They have amazing Activity Plans for EVERY level (including Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador) which break down the Journeys into two 3-4 hour blocks, plus the final Take Action Project.

    (Not my Council, just a big fan of their resources!)

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