What Should You Charge for Girl Scout Troop Dues?

Photo from morguefile.com
Photo from morguefile.com

At the beginning of the year, your co-leader and you need to discuss how much to collect in dues.

Here are some factors to consider:

    • How many girls are in your troop?
    • Are you buying all of the patches and pins, or are the parents?
    • How many meetings will you be having?
    • Will you be participating in the mandatory (if you want to do other fundraisers) Girl Scout fundraisers-QSP and cookies?  If so, to what degree?
    • Are you planning on having any other fundraisers?
    • Are you planning on taking any field trips?
    • Do you have a budget for crafts?
    • Are there any girls with financial hardships that may need reduced dues?
    • Are you willing to absorb some of the costs of craft items yourself? (Read this post about what leaders do.)
  • Are you going to ask the girls to bring their own pencil box of arts and crafts supplies, or will the dues provide that?
  • Will you ask parents to volunteer some items you need?

Each troop has different needs.  I ask my parents to contribute $30.00 and I use my teaching skills to come up with crafts that have a minimal cost.  The field trips we take are free ones,and there are plenty in the community to be found if you lookand ask.

After deciding what you will be asking for, go to the Girl Scout website and run off a copy of the Dues Report.  This will help you keep track of who has given you the money.

How much do you charge for Girl Scout dues?

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