Earn Three Daisy Petals for Earth Day This April

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 Photo credit: zabmo from morguefile.com

Last year my troop did this terrific craft I found at scoutingweb.com to earn three petals-Green (Use Resources Wisely), Yellow (Friendly and Helpful), and Rose (Make the World a Better Place).

You will need:

  • one plastic 2 liter bottle cut in half
  • potting soil
  • package of daisy seeds
  • water and watering can (can use a cup)
  • stickers to decorate
  • newspaper
  • coloring pages

Before the meeting, you need to email the girls’ parents and have them bring in a 2-liter soda bottle that has been cut in half.  As always, bring an extra or two in case one of the girls forgets.

At the start of the meeting, we talked about the petals we were going to earn and what they meant.  I then read one of my favorite children’s books, Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney.  This story ties in directly with all three petals.  Your co-leader can be setting up the potting station and the coloring station.

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After you read and discuss the story, have each girl take her 2 liter bottle out.  Help the girls fill them with soil and show them how to plant the seeds.  Lightly water the soil.  The girls can decorate the bottle with stickers. 

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When they are done or while they are waiting for their turn, they can color in a Daisy petal page or an Earth Day coloring page.

At the next meeting, ask the girls about their plants’ progress!

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