Using Girl Scout Cookie Cartons to Earn Badges and Petals

I am a member of the Twittermoms group “Girl Scout Leader Moms” .  We are a small and helpful group who share ideas for scouts leaders on every level.

A recent posting by the group’s creator got me thinking and I wanted to share what I came up with.

Nancy, the creator of the group, wanted to recycle the Girl Scout cookie cartons she had and asked for ideas.  I came up with two.

The first was to have the girls make houses for their stuffed animals.  My 7.5 year old twins have been doing this for years at home with our cartons.  They cut windows and doors, make furniture out of playdough, paper, or any other materials that we have on hand, and make wallpaper and carpet to give it a more homey look.

The second idea was to decorate the outside of the boxes and to collect items for an animal shelter or a food bank.  It made the presentation of the donations much prettier.

Nancy decided to collect recyclable items (empty paper tubes, plastic bottles) to donate to the local arts center for their summer program.

Your scout troop can earn Daisy petals and patches for these ideas!

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