Bridging Ceremony

I just wanted to share with all of you what a great time my girls and their parents had at our bridging ceremony.  It was thrilling to see how excited they all were!  Some of the girls got dressed up in skirts, parents brought cameras and camcorders, and there were even some grandparents and aunties attending.  One of the moms even brought in HER Brownie bridging pictures from long ago.  The girls thought the beanie and jumper were a hoot!
Eleven of my twelve girls chose to continue their Girl Scout journey.  I told the mother of the twelfth girl that if she changed her mind and wanted to rejoin in the fall, by all means, she could.
For those of you who are also changing levels, there is a required workshop to attend before you can meet in the fall.  Be sure to check you local website for times and dates, as these workshops will fill up fast.
Have a great summer!  I will be posting occasionally as I get ready for being a Brownie troop leader!

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