Girl Scout Meetings…When Should You Meet?

Photo from jorisamonen on
Photo from jorisamonen on

One of the things you need to discuss with your co-leader is when you are going to hold your troop meetings.  Depending on what you decide, this can enlarge your troop numbers or decrease it.

First of all, the day and time you pick has to work for both of your schedules.  That sounds obvious, but you need to think of the entire school year, not just what you are committed to in the fall.  Will a spring sport for one of your children make the meeting time you selected difficult to commit to?

Next, you need to consider if you should meet after school or in the evening.  That decision one depends upon your work schedule or if you are a mother at home.  Do you have a flexible work schedule?  Do you have someone to care for your younger or older children?  Do you want your other children at the meeting?  Do they have activities you need to factor in?

Meeting after school permits all girls want to be Girl Scouts the ability to participate, even those who are in after school care.  After school meetings also make it easier for parents who work full-time or single parents to give their daughter an activity that does not require them to run around after work.  This is a double bonus if there are other children who have to be go out at night.

Evenings are better for older scouts.  They can get their homework done while they are fresh and look forward to a fun evening ahead.  Evening meetings can also free up volunteers for you, especially if many of your scouts have parents working outside the home.

If you meet in your home versus in a public meeting area, then there are different adult rations that need to be met.  Do you have enough registered volunteers to meet the requirement?

Either one you choose, the bottom line is to make it work for you.  After all, if you are stressed out about a meeting and not enjoying it, the girls will pick up on this.  That is certainly something you do not want to happen.

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