Easy Girl Scout Craft for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and for Teachers!

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Here is a cute craft for your Girl Scout troop to do for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or to say “Thank You” to a terrific teacher.

This candy thank you card is a printable.  All you need to buy is a pretty colored lunch bag, some ribbon and have a photo of the Girl Scout to glue to the bag.  Extra bags can be used for crafts next year!

These bags can be used for so many crafts!
The printable card is written for teachers, so if you want to use the idea for someone else, I suggest you rewrite the words and print it yourself.  The girls can color the bag with markers and stickers, then fill them up with the candy listed on the craft page.  Hole punch the top and tie with ribbon.
Thank you Tipjunkie for this idea!

You can download the printable here.

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