Make a Perler Bead Birthday Cake-A Fun Girl Scout Week Activity!

Make a perler bead birthday cake to celebrate Girl Scout Week!
Photo by Marie Williams Johnstone and used with her permission.

If you have older girls who love to craft, then this is one that you can make with them for Girl Scout Week! My friend, Marie, has this wonderful tutorial on how to make a pearler bead birthday cake. If you want, you can use green and white beads or use green ribbon for the bow.

You can find the tutorial, which is full of pictures, here.

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Today is Our First Junior Girl Scout Meeting of the Year!

I am very excited for our very first Junior Girl Scout meeting of the year.  It has been a long time since we have gotten together as a group, and I am looking forward to a very different kind of year.

First of all, we are adding two new girls to our troop.  One is a child who is my daughter’s friend and was in a different troop, but decided to transfer to ours.  Another is a girl who has been waiting to be placed in a troop for four years!  I would have gladly taken her had I known, as she is friends with the one girl who does not attend our school.

First on the schedule is introducing the new girl to all of us and welcoming the other girl to our troop.  Then we are going to have a little Welcome/Rededication ceremony.  I know that some troops like to invite parents to these things, but honestly, it will take about five minutes and then we are getting down to business.  I am using the ceremony called “I Am a Girl Scout” from the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey website.  You can find this ceremony as well as many others right here.

We ARE NOT using candles!  That is not safe and we are also in a school building.

Each girl will read a part and at the end, I will have a pinning ceremony to give five of my girls their Five Year pin.

Then we will talk about the Bronze Award and what it is,as well as the Journey.  We will be doing the Amuse Journey, and I will share it with you as we go along.

Last, I have this cute keychain craft for the girls to do.  My daughter helped me do all of the prep work.  This is how we did it:

I had pony beads at home, but not enough green ones, so I purchased those as well as cord. I cut the cord into 12 inch pieces, double knotted the end, and placed tape at the other end for easy lacing (just like a shoelace aglet).

I downloaded one of these and cut it out.
I downloaded one of these and cut it out.

I used green Jewish Star shaped foams that I had on hand and had my daughter trace a trefoil that I printed off the internet.  After she traced them, she cut them in a smaller shapes so the girls can finish cutting them tomorrow.  She then punched a hole in one end.  In Sharpie, the girls will write our troop number.

trefoil 2

I decided the pattern should be:

1 white bead

5 green beads

Girl Scout law colors

1 white bead

5 green beads

They will then tie the beaded cord to a clip that I bought at the craft store.

To make my life easier, I put all of the Girl Scout law beads in a piece of plastic wrap, taped it up, so each girl will have her own set.  My own personal Girl Scout craft kit!

This is how the keychain looks when completed.  I hope the girls want to put these on their backpacks!
This is how the keychain looks when completed. I hope the girls want to put these on their backpacks!

If time permits, I have elastic that the girls can bead and make Junior bracelets.

I will let you know how it goes!

For other first meeting ideas, here is my post about last year’s first Junior meeting!

Easy Last Minute Memorial Day Craft for Daisies at Making Friends

You all know how much I love the website.  If you are still having meetings, here is an easy craft.  It is a Memorial Day paper doll.

Read a book about Memorial Day and teach your girls about those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy.

Here is the link for this paper doll project!

Make Your Own Pinwheel Craft for All Scout Levels-A Tutorial

One of the benefits of writing online at sites like Info Barrel  is that I get the opportunity to meet some wonderfully talented people.  Not only are they gifted writers, but they are gifted artists as well.  One of my talented friends on IB is Divaonline.
She has written an article entitled How to Make Elegant Pinwheels. This is a craft that can be done anytime of year with different seasonal themed colors-red, yellow brown and orange for fall, blue and white or green and red for winter, pastels for spring, and red, white and blue for summer.  The choices are endless, which is what I like about this craft.  The more ways I can use it, the better!
Another reason I like this craft is that it is perfect for all levels of Girl Scouts.  Daisies are going to need extra help, so be sure to get a few volunteers at your meeting if you are planning on doing this craft with them.  An older Girl Scout troop can help you out and be a sister to every Girl Scout, especially if they need to help younger girls before they bridge. If you choose to go with a sister troop, give them directions ahead of time so they can practice the craft and be better helpers.
Older Girl Scout troops can do this craft independently. In fact, if they make enough of them, they can be sold at craft fairs to raise money (if you have sold QSP and cookies) or do them with senior citizens as a community service project.  These would also make great gifts for children.
Here is a photo of what the finished products look like.  Divaonline gave me permission to use it.
Photo by Divaonline, used with permission
If you like this craft, you will find more on Domestic Diva, her website.