The History of the Girl Scouts-There’s More to It Than Cookies!

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One of the things I love about writing for InfoBarrel is that each month the admins put up an editorial calendar of articles they want written.  In April, they wanted “The History of…”, so I decided to write about the history of the Girl Scouts.

Because it was just the GSA’s 100th anniversary, there was a lot of information about Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts.

Photo courtesy of wikimedia-public domain

Among the tidbits I learned were…

Juliette’s uncle nicknamed her Daisy as an infant.

Because of her hearing loss, she suffered from depression throughout her life.

She did not have any children of her own, most likely due to her having ovarian problems.

Girl Scout cookies were first made by the scouts themselves and sold in a high school cafeteria.  There were shortages of baking materials during World War II, so cookies were not sold then.

Juliette was buried in her Girl Scout uniform, which she designed.

A new biography of Juliette was written by Stacy Cordery, which is a very in depth biography.

If you want to read my article, which has all of the sources sited so you can read them in more detail, you can find it here.

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