We Bridged from Brownies to Juniors!

On Friday my troop came to my home for our big bridging from Brownies to Juniors ceremony (also known as a “Flying Up” ceremony).  As I posted last month, my co-leader and I made our “bridge” .  It was a slightly windy day, so I had to readjust the pots in the ground right before we started.

Terra cotta pots with green streamers tied together to make the bridge.


The girls got to take these home as a souvenir.

My twins and I made a bridging cake for the after party.

The cake was made from scratch, but I got called in to sub at the last minute and did not have time to make frosting and decorate the cake the way I had imagined.  Dunkin Hines chocolate and vanilla frosting, along with green food coloring, had to do.

Photo by Hannah Gold

I found rainbow clip art, enlarged it and made this sign as a cake topper.  I used a measuring spoon taped to the back as a mount.

Our bridging cake!

I guess if you have the time or desire, you can make a half chocolate, half green cake and use the appropriate icing.  Even though it was not as “pretty” as I had wanted it to be, it was devoured by all (I had thirty parents, siblings, and even a grandma at my home!)

For our party after the ceremony, I sent an email for easy snacks to bring. My moms brought:

Chips and dip

Cheese curls

Cookies and brownie tray

Fruit salad


Water (pony size)

Juice boxes

It was a memorable day for everyone!  I am looking forward to a few restful months before we begin again in October.

4 thoughts on “We Bridged from Brownies to Juniors!”

  1. Your bridge turned out great! Sound like it was a great bridging ceremony. We are doing ours on June 4th and I am using your idea of the terra cotta pots. I found a bridge idea on moms mini van and then saw your version and loved it so I’m combining the two to create my version. Thanks for sharing. I was stuck in a rut for ideas an just couldn’t come up with an original that I felt good about 🙂

  2. Michelle-so glad I could help! I got the idea from mom’s mini van, and just made it my own. I would love to see a picture of your bridge! You can send it to the email in my contact section and I would be happy to upload it if you want to share. We’re all in this together!

  3. Ok I will post on my blog and then send you the link to the post 🙂 My blog is about everyday life things not just girls scouts, but I have all my GS posts labeled. We are bridging from Brownies to Juniors too

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