Girl Scout Leader Essentials-What Are Yours?

I have a Girl Scout leader bag that has everything in it that I need for each meeting.  That includes:

  • My Girl Scout binder
  • Games for Girl Scouts
  • First Aid Kit
  • Puzzle Pages
  • Elastic Band for Chinese Jump Rope
  • Extra Snack in case someone forgot
  • Water Bottle

I usually bring the materials for whatever we are doing in a separate tote bag, so the things I use all the time do not get mixed up with the other things I am using just for a particular meeting.

Photo by Hannah Gold
If you are wondering why I have a Chinese jump rope in my bag, I’ll tell you. Two years ago, when we were first year Brownies, we earned the Around the World Try It badge.  I used the directions in Games for Girl Scouts to make it the rope from a few yards of elastic cord.
I played the game as a young girl and loved it.  When I taught it to my girls, they fell in love, too!  We play it whenever we have a few extra minutes at the end of a meeting-it is often requested.  When the weather permits, we play the game outside.
What do you have in your Girl Scout leader bag that you bring to every meeting?

4 thoughts on “Girl Scout Leader Essentials-What Are Yours?”

  1. first aide kit, table top american flag with base, lysol wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, junior book, folder with extra promise,law and songs hand outs and extra registration forms, crayons, markers, several pairs of scissors and tape

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