Daisy Girl Scout Meeting Ideas and Plans for September Through December

I read different Girl Scout forums to see what questions leaders have and to get answers to a few of my own.  One of the most frequent topics I have seen in the last few weeks is new Daisy leaders asking for help in getting started.  Everyone feels overwhelmed and undereducated.  These women are like you-they signed up because their daughter wanted to be a Girl Scout and no one else would do it.
Seeing this need, I wrote an article  entitled Girl Scouts-Meeting Ideas for Daisies.  It has lesson plans for your first eight meetings. While I know that some leaders have already met and others have yet to meet, these plans are not set in stone.  They are flexible and meant as a guide to get you on your way.  It is written in a month-by-month form to show new leaders what they can do.  The calendar is a great guide for planning your Daisy Girl Scout activities.

I plan on writing more Daisy lesson plans for the winter and spring months later in the year.

I hope this helps!


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