Our First Girl Scout Field Trip of the Year is on the Calendar!

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During our first troop meeting, the girls voted on where they wanted to go on a field trip.  A hands-down winner, with all of the girls present voting ‘yes” was to go to Build-A-Bear.

I called our local store to book the trip, and asked about the Girl Scout 100th Anniversary Bear.  They had them in stock, as well as the Junior uniforms the girls were going to dress them in.  I asked the representative on the phone to put nine aside so that my girls would all be able to buy them and put them on their bears during the trip.

Junior Girl Scout Build A Bear Uniform
Junior Girl Scout Build A Bear Uniform from Amazon
The anniversary is bear is $15.00 and the uniform is $12.50, for a total of $27.50.  Because we do not sell cookies, the parents have the option of the bear only or both, since our dues are for meetings, crafts and badges only. I will bring my tax exempt form when I pay for the trip with a troop check. 
I have one mom who is volunteering to come, so with nine girls plus my son, my-co-leader and I are covered.  I already have my troop approval number and am just waiting for all of the checks and the paperwork to come in.
If you are a new leader, you may want to read about tips for taking a successful Girl Scout field trip.
Have you taken any field trips yet this year?  Are any in the planning stages?  Where are you going?

4 thoughts on “Our First Girl Scout Field Trip of the Year is on the Calendar!”

    1. I have a multitude of reasons why I do not sell cookies. To date I have not written a post about it, maybe someday I will. I encourage those that do sell and try to find tips for them and other materials to post here at my blog.

      We have been on many trips over the years, all FREE! Build-A-Bear is our first trip that parents must pay for, and this is our fifth year together as a troop.

      I have been a teacher for 25 years, and we have earned badges and patches with cheap and recycled materials. Our dues ($35 a year) pay for patches and craft materials and a once-a-year workshop that a local momprenuer offers.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. your link to successful tips isn’t working and i’d love to read it… I just took my girls with my coleader and 2 moms to a night time corn maze. one of my girls went with an adult on a hayride so my coleader and I were frantic looking for her – it was so scary! I was livid when she came back b/c she was told she had to stick with us, but my co handled it very well, and the mother was still at the maze, so she got a lecture and apologized to the troop, but still… makes me want to reconsider taking them anywhere!!!

    1. Thanks Bridget, I fixed the link!

      I know how scary you must have felt. When I taught public school, I was a train wreck on field trips. You never knew if a parent would be responsible or if you would lose someone because they misbehaved and ran off. Glad your situation was resolved without a bad thing happening.

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