Fantastic Bronze Award Idea from a Troop in Maine

I was doing some research for my school’s PTA for fundraising by recycling shoes, and I came upon this news story from April 2013.  A Junior troop in Maine collected over 280 pounds of shoes to recycle and send to Third World countries.  The money they raised was going to a local animal shelter.

This is an amazing project because there are so many winners and it fulfills so much of the Girl Scout Promise!

1.  Poor countries that can use these shoes are receiving them. (Friendly and Helpful, Considerate and Caring, Responsible for What I Say and Do)

2.   Recycling and saving the environment (Use Resources Wisely, Make the World a Better Place)

3.  Shelter animals will get the supplies they need (see #1)

4.  The girls are caring about humans and animals and taking on leadership positions in their community.


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