Easy Girl Scout Service Project to Help Sick Children

Your Troop Can be Considerate and Caring

In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of leading a Girl Scout troop is teaching the girls about those who are in need. Service projects do not always have to be enormous undertakings…sometimes something simple will do.

Troops of all ages can participate in the Sending Smiles service project. Started by two sisters and their cousins who wanted to make a difference, it has grown over the years.

asy Girl Scout service project for all levels

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First, find an organization that wants your postcards. There are suggestions on the website that you can find here. You order the postcards you need. The girls can write jokes, draw pictures, place stickers on the postcards…anything you all can agree upon. This is a great opportunity to earn the orange Daisy petal, Considerate and Caring.

Here is how you can get your postcards. If you want your troop to have a fun patch, then hit the “donate” button- in purpose put “patches” They are $2.50 each.

Fun, Easy and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts

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It is hard to believe that November is here! Planning your meetings while knee deep in your own personal Thanksgiving preparations and celebrations can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. I always liked to use craft kits for kids when I could, as I started leading a troop long before Pinterest was around. It made these late fall meetings easier to prepare.

Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Daisy and Brownie leaders

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Here are some inexpensive craft kits to help your troop stay busy and to help them earn Daisy petals (Considerate and Caring or Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout) .

Make a Turkey Sticker Sheets

Available from Current Catalog and on a super sale now, these sticker sheets create a turkey that can be the front of a Thanksgiving card. Take them or mail them to a senior citizen home or a food pantry to put in a bag of food that is given out over the holiday season.

Set of 12 Make a Turkey sticker sheets can be used to make Thanksgiving cards for others.

Available at Current Catalog

Dressing the turkey takes on a new meaning with these cute sticker sheets. Each includes a turkey body and 22 face-part and accessory stickers. The largest sticker is 2-1/2″ x 3-1/4″, and the c ompleted turkey is approximately 4″ tall.

Thanksgiving and fall themed stickers for crafts

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This autumnal set comes with 66 stickers to decorate cards or gift bags for others. It is also on a super sale.

Pumpkin fall stickers for Thanksgiving cards

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Thanksgiving Craft Kits

Here are some other fun Thanksgiving craft kits to make your life easier before Turkey Day!

Available on Amazon

After talking about what the girls are Thankful for, they can make these turkeys, which come in a set of 4.

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Need a large amount of turkeys? This best selling craft kit has enough materials for 24!

Make a Beaded Craft

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Make necklaces and bracelets for sister scouts or for family and friends with this fall foam bead assortment that contains 500 beads. 

Girl Scout Community Service Projects All Year Long

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There are many Girl Scout community service projects that you can do all year long. During late November and the month of December, there is a huge push for charitable donations. With Thanksgiving and Christmas, people are in need of a holiday meal and gifts for the children. There are also many places that have winter coat drives so that underprivileged children have something warm to wear during the cold weather months.

Even businesses do their major giving during this six week time frame so they can get their tax deductions for the fiscal year.

The truth is, that even though it is wonderful to give during this time of year, there are needs during the other ten months. Your Girl Scout troop can help fulfill these needs and do community service projects all year long.

Girl Scout Community Service Projects All Year Long-Ideas for every month and every season

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The most important thing you have to do as a Girl Scout leader is organize the project. It will be your job to locate an organization and find out what it’s needs are. This needs to be done one or two months before you embark on the community service project, as you will have to let the girls’ parents know what you will be doing. If your girls are younger, they will need adult help collecting items.

If your Girl Scout troop is collecting items for a community service project, then you, as the leader, have to make up a flyer that the girls’ parents can download, print, and distribute.

Here are some ideas for Girl Scout community service projects. They will go in order of the school year.

Girl Scout community service project all year long

By Gentry George, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


One community service project your Girl Scout troop can do in September is to collect school supplies for needy children. As the troop leader, over the summer you can ask your school’s principal if there are families in need in your school. If that is too close to home, ask if another principal in the district has some families who need school supplies.

Your troop can either fill backpacks with basic school supplies or donate bags of supplies that the principal can give out to those children who need it.

Another idea is to hold a gently used book drive. You can donate these books to an underprivileged school, to a homeless shelter, or to a children’s hospital.


Halloween is a festive and fun holiday that many children celebrate. However, it is disheartening to go trick-or-treating without a costume. As a Girl Scout community service project, your troop can collect outgrown Halloween costumes and donate them to a school or organization in need.

You can create a flyer for the girls to run off and send via email or leave in their neighbors’ mailboxes. Have a pick-up time to leave the costumes on the porch and your girls will collect them.

Available on Amazon


In November we honor our veterans on Veteran’s Day. Your girls can make cards for soldiers in Veteran’s hospitals and send or deliver them in person.

Another community service project that your troop can do is to send care packages to our soldiers overseas. There is always someone who knows of a soldier who could use support from home. There might also be an organization in your town whose mission is to send out care packages to our soldiers overseas. Find out items that the soldiers need most and get a collection for them to send out on your troop’s behalf.


To get into the spirit of the holiday season, your Girl Scout troop can do many community service projects. There are always families in need who cannot give their children presents and a special dinner for Christmas. See where there is a community Christmas tree and pick a family to adopt. Or you can go to a local shelter and donate toys to the children living there. Newspapers also list families who have needs. Your local churches and synagogues will also know of families who have financial needs at this time of year.

Most people have outgrown or unused coats hanging in their closets. Hold a winter glove and hat drive, or ask for gently used coats to be donated to a shelter.

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In your Girl Scout troop there are bound to be many animal lovers. Why not donate some time at a local shelter as a project? Call one up and ask what items they need and see if the girls have any to give from around their house. There is always a need for old towels, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.

My troop earned their Bronze Award in the spring of 2014. We collected hundreds of items and made dozens of toys for the animals that resided in the no kill shelter. I am proud to share that there was no room in the entranceway and the staff was amazed at what my girls had accomplished.


With Valentine’s Day occurring this month, why not make Valentine’s and deliver them to a nursing home as your Girl Scout troop’s service project? Bake or buy some heart shaped cookies, sing a few songs, play a few games and brighten up the day of people who can use some cheering up.


One community service project my Girl Scout troop has participated in is donating shoeboxes of toiletries to homeless children. The girls cover a shoebox in a brown paper grocery bag and fill it with toiletries and some goodies a little girl or boy would love to have. At our meeting we decorated the box with markers and stickers. Then we delivered it to the organization collecting the boxes so they can distribute them to the children.

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April is a great time to have a canned and boxed food drive.  Food pantries need food year round, and being several months away from the winter holiday season, their shelves are even more bare. People will be willing to give since it has probably been a few months since there was a food drive. My troop did this for the Girl Scout 100th birthday back in 2012, and we collected of 2,200 cans and boxes to donate to a local food pantry.


One favorite Girl Scout warm weather project is to plant flowers in the spring. With the principal’s permission, plant flowers around the girl’s school.

Most troops do not meet in the summer months of June, July, and August. As the leader, you can use this time off to investigate other needs in your community for your troop to participate in during the next school year.

How Girl Scout Troops Can Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief

The devastation in Texas from Hurricane Harvey hit close to home for me. I have family who lives right outside the city, and fortunately for them, their homes were spared.

But for many, that was not the case.

One of my first thoughts after hearing about the disaster was, “How can I help?” I am sure that all of you thought the same thing.

Here are some ways that Girl Scout troops can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey

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The Girl Scout of Northeast Texas has a way for leaders and troops to help. Girls can even earn a patch for this special service project.

You can read about how your troop can make the world a better place by going here.

The Girls Scouts of the USA also has ways for your troop to help and be prepared in times of disaster. Find out how here.

A poster on the Girl Scouts Gab Facebook page shared a link for a charity that helps low income students have clean, new underwear. It is called Undies for Everyone and you can read about what they do and how you can donate here.

Valentine’s Day Craft for a Community Service Project and to Earn Daisy Petals

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Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love and appreciation of others. While it focuses on romantic love for adults, for children, it is all about the special people in their lives. Parents, grandparents, siblings and even a special teacher are the adults that make a child’s world safe and secure.

This holiday can also be a time to do a service project for those who may not have a special someone in their lives or are far away from those whom they love.

Valentine's Day craft kit that makes 12 bears. Give out to those in nursing homes or send overseas to those in the service for a meaningful craft and meeting.

Available at S&S Worldwide

This is a stuffed red bear is a highly rated craft kit from the reviews available on the site. It comes with enough materials to make 12 bears at a very reasonable price. The kit include stuffing, hook-and-loop closure on back, ribbon, and instructions. The finished project measures 4-1/2″ x 5″.

This can help Daisy Girl Scouts earn the Rose Daisy petal, Make the World a Better Place or the Light Green Daisy petal, Considerate and Caring.

You can make also make cards to add to the stuffed bear gift.