Girl Scout Uniforms-Do Your Girls Wear Them Willingly?

When I was a Girl Scout back in the 1970’s, I loved wearing my uniform to school. I had the Brownie jumper with the official shirt and beanie. Yes, we wore the beanie! When I bridged to Juniors, I had to give my uniform to my younger friend who was entering Brownies. After all, that is how I got mine in the first place! As an apartment dweller, there was no room for saving things. They got passed on, donated or tossed.

I moved to the suburbs before I finished 5th grade and stopped my involvement in Girl Scouts. I still have my beret and sash and use them to dress up as a Girl Scout for Purim every year.

When my daughter was a Brownie for three years,she loved her uniform until third grade. Then it was kind of uncool to wear all day, so she just wore the vest in her bag for her after school meetings. As Juniors, the vest never made itout of the bag.

Girl Scout in uniform, 1973

By Father of JGKlein, used with permission (Father of JGKlein, used with permission) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When I started my Daisy Girl Scout troop in 2008, our uniform was jeans, a white shirt and the vest or tunic.  Even as Brownies, it remained the same. When they were Juniors, I permitted them to choose between the sash or the vest and I dropped the jeans and white shirt requirement. Of course,I had a few girls “lose” them from time to time. On occasion, they give me a “Why do we have to wear this?’ when I ask them to put it on. I tell them that it is required for meetings,that it makes us sisters in scouting. We also wear them on field trips and not wearing them is not an option.

This year it will just be wearing vests again. I do not care if they wear jeans or leggings as long as they put on their green.

I know that the girls have to wear a vest or sash.  Do you require more than that?

4 thoughts on “Girl Scout Uniforms-Do Your Girls Wear Them Willingly?”

  1. I heard that a girl Scout is in uniform is she’s wearing her pin. So I tell my families that when attending a meeting or any Girl Scout event, Girl Scouts should wear their Girl Scout pin or something that identifies them as a Girl Scout – such as a Girl Scout shirt, etc. A vest or sash (or tunic) is encouraged but not required. My girls have just bridged to Juniors, but so far most of them have wanted to have a vest or sash, and wear it proudly.

  2. I plan to go the pin and sash route,but for field trips etc
    also have girls wear khaki shorts. I like the girl scout shirt idea though….but you don’t outgrow the pin!

    1. That is true! I always kept the shirt a neutral color that the girls would always have. Even if the white shirt had a design on it I let them wear it.

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