Girl Scout Dues-How Much Do You Ask?

As far as activities go, Girl Scouts is one of the least expensive.  Along with the $15 registration fee (which was $7.00 back when my older daughter was a scout in the early 2000’s),  there is the cost of the uniform (which lasts for two years) and the dues you collect.

Of course, everything is relative to where you live.  In my troop, the girls are involved in competitive dance, travel sports, and all kinds of lessons after school.  These cost much more for one month than I ask for a year’s worth of dues.

In the past, I ask for $35.00, but this year lowered the cost to $30 because we have enough overage in the troop bank account. When we went on our field trip to Build-A-Bear, the parents paid for that with a separate check.  I use my experience as a preschool teacher and use tons of ordinary materials for crafts, and I always use a coupon at the craft store.

Our dues cover everything from pins, patches, badges, and craft materials.  Field trips are extra, and except for last year’s trip, every one we went on were free.

Piggy bank

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I collect a check at the beginning of the scouting year and make one trip to the bank to deposit it.  I believe that it is extra work for leaders to ask for a few dollars at each meeting.  You are opening the door for more problems, especially if a child’s parents forget to send the dues in on a regular basis. Now you have added the responsibility of chasing down the money (isn’t it enough that we have to chase down the forms, too?)

Plus, it is not fair that some girls always pay their fair share while others do not.  Unless there is a financial hardship that you are aware of, then girls need to pay.  Your co-leader and you will wind up paying for materials out of your own pocket.

How do you handle Girl Scout dues?

How much do you ask for?

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