Amuse Journey, Meetings #2 and #3

I need to apologize for not updating my blog since our first Journey meeting.  I have been working almost full time hours and when I get home, there are so many other thing to take care of!  I have missed writing here!

Here is a brief overview of what we did at our November 1st meeting (which, by the way, I would never have a meeting the day after Halloween ever again.  The girls were wired and tired).

I had the girls do pages 16-17 at home, as well as pages 29-30.  We talked about it and did the activities on pages 8-13 in this Amuse Journey in a Day outline.

The “A Good Yarn” activity was the highlight of the meeting. The story got to be very silly!

We are meeting again on Friday, and this is what I will be doing.

I assigned the girls page 31 to do at home. We will discuss it and then do pages 1-17 in the Amuse outline.

To be honest, I am jonsing to do  a service project, but want to get this done so we can work on our Bronze Award.  It is challenging to do this every other week.

How have you been handling your Journey this year?

3 thoughts on “Amuse Journey, Meetings #2 and #3”

  1. Hi there, just found your blog. I am a junior troop leader in nw Florida! We have also started our amuse journey this year. I’d love to bounce some ideas off each other. At our meeting tomorrow we are on sessions 6and 7. Our girls have decided to do a skit about girls and sports, should be interesting 🙂 I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed as my co leader from last year quit and we have been rotating parents at each meeting, this makes things a little difficult with 14 girls! Anyway best of luck to you!

    1. I am glad you found me! I am doing a very Reader’s Digest version of the Journey, using the outline of the “Journey in a Day” in the link I have provided. My girls have really had enough of this already! Good luck to you, too!

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