How Can Junior Girl Scouts Earn Craft Badges?

In a blog post I wrote back in April regarding discontinued Girl Scout badges, a reader named Linda asked how Juniors can earn badges for crafts since the new program for Juniors had none.

There are two ways you can do this.

The first is to do a community service project that involves doing a craft.  For example, with winter upon us, the girls can make no sew scarves or knitting loom hats.  Here is a link for in how to make a no sew fleece scarf.

If your bank account is flush with cash, investing in a small circular knitting loom for each girl can yield another craft/community service project-knitting preemie hats.

Here is a link for a YouTube tutorial on how to make one yourself.


Another way for your girls to earn a craft badge is to use the old Junior book.  My daughter earned a few over the summer this way, including the Toy Maker badge.  The only issue I can see is if you cannot locate enough of them for your girls.  Then you have to find them on eBay for each one, or ask the parents to find them and then reimburse them for the cost.

Those are two ideas for Junior Girl Scouts to earn craft badges.  Do you have any others that you can share?



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