Girls Are Enjoying the Bronze Award Project

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As a leader, you hope and pray that the meetings you plan are fun and interesting for the girls. I consider it a personal challenge to “Wow” them at every meeting, as I know a boring time will lead to behavioral problems like excessive talking.

That was what the Journey was like for us!

At our last meeting, the girls brought in the toys that they made at home and shared how they made them, as well as what they had done for their hours. There was some really great items made!  They also brought in extra tee shirts so they could make pull and tug toys.

I had a surprise volunteer, which turned out to be wonderful, as her homemade dog toy was the most popular one!

This week we are going to make cat toys out of toilet paper tubes.  I emailed the parents in advance to save them, and I have been saving them for awhile.

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