My New Daisy Girl Scout Leader Blog

Starting your own Daisy Girl Scout troop can be an overwhelming job.  It really is something that takes a lot of on the job training!  When I started as a leader back in 2008, there were very few internet resources for me to use. I really had to make a lot of it up as I went along.

That is the primary reason I started this blog-to help other leaders of all levels.  The leaders who contacted me the most over the years are Daisy leaders, as they have so many questions! Depending on your local Service Unit, you may receive tons of help or none at all and anything in between!

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As I have written on this blog, my posts became more focused on the higher levels as I have moved up.  On the forums where I lurk, there are still so many Daisy leader questions!

So I decided to create a blog just for them!

Daisy Activities is just that-all about Daisy activities!

How to earn Daisy petals, getting your troop off the ground…it is all there!

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