Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments

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For people who celebrate Christmas, one of the most cherished family activities of the season is decorating the tree. Taking out the boxes of ornaments that have been collected over the years is a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane. Even though my children and I are Jewish, my husband is not, so every year we decorate his tree with treasures from the past.  We have ornaments from his grandmother that are put way up high so no one can touch them, as well as ornaments from my late in-laws.  There are even a few from my husband’s childhood, and our kids get a kick out of those.  In our boxes we even have a few from his sister that she bought us during our early married years.

I love to visit the homes of my friends and admire their trees.  The ornaments that bring out the biggest smiles and the most conversation are the ones that belong to their children-especially the ones from their early childhood days.  Now that we are parents of older kids-tweens and teens and college ages children, those preschool days become even more rosy colored.

If you are a leader reading this, chances are that you are heading a troop for your daughter(s).  Why not commemorate her years in scouting with these personalized Girl Scout ornaments?

Each of these come in several different shapes, from circles, hearts, stars and more. They also have different hair colors and skin tones to match your daughter’s.  Add a photo and your own text to create a personalized keepsake that she will enjoy putting on her own tree when she is all grown up.

Brownie Scout Photo Ornament
Brownie Scout Photo Ornament by Scrappintwins
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Junior Scout Photo Ornament
Junior Scout Photo Ornament by Scrappintwins
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