A Quick and Easy Girl Scout Service Project

Photo from pixabay.com
Photo from pixabay.com


The email arrived as it does each and every year.  My boss, the principal of the Religious School where I teach, had forwarded an email from my colleague at the school.  This woman teaches in the inner city, where children struggle each and every day to survive.  For many years, our community has tied tzedakah (charity) projects with her school. Once again, we were called to take action.

The students who attend her school are so poor that many cannot afford winter coats. One child was not being permitted to attend a class field trip because his mother did not have a coat for him to wear on the outdoor adventure the school was taking him. Every family in the Religious School was asked to donate gently used coats to send to the school for these children.

Girl Scout troops can do the same.

As the leader, you or your co-leader can find a local agency who collects coats.  After discussing this at a meeting, your girls can  create flyers for mailboxes, their place of worship or for school (with permission from the principal) or write an email for their parents to send.  They can even ask neighbors and close friends themselves. I am sure each girl has a coat or two in her home that thaw been outgrown.

Your home can be the collection point and they can be sorted by size into bags.  Troop funds can be used to buy new hats and gloves, or perhaps you can persuade a store to donate them to you.

This is such a simple project to do and it can be implemented every year. It covers so much of the Girl Scout Law to help others, be considerate and caring, respect others, make the world a better place.

Another easy project is to ask a local school if there is a family in need.  You can collect food, coats, and even holiday gifts for them.  It is best to not use the school where your girls attend, but one in another one in town.  The school nurse or guidance counselor knows which families are struggling and can guide you as to how your troop can help.

What are you doing for your service projects this year?


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