Activities for Girl Scout Week 2016

It seems that during our busy cookie season, leaders also have two important Girl Scout holidays to celebrate as well. After World Thinking Day on February 22nd, there is Girl Scout Week. This year, Girl Scout Week 2016 is March 6-March 12th.

In this blog post you will find a list of resources to use for planning your Girl Scout Week activities. These resources are for all levels of scouts.

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Background and the history of Girl Scout week can be found on this blog post from last year (all links have been checked and they work). This week is all about service to the community-what the troop has done and what else they can do to make the world a better place.

My Service Unit asks leaders to hand in lists of girls who are in scouts to hand in to each elementary and middle school, and their names are read during morning announcements (girls can opt out if they want to). I am pleased that my daughter and her friends still want their names to be shared. They are not embarrassed about being Girl Scouts. In fact, there is another very active Cadette troop in our Council and many of those girls attend the same middle school as my daughter. It is a nice thing to see!

Our local Council also typically has a fun roller skating night at a local rink for all girls during Girl Scout Week. It is a time to come together and it permits the younger girls to see the older girls having fun as a scout. Our troop will be attending this celebration once again.

I have found more resources for leaders to use for Girl Scout Week 2016. Ignore the dates on the documents-they have nothing to do with the actual celebration itself. Start planning now so you won’t be trying to do everything last minute!

Girl Scout Week Activity Chart With Blank Spaces

There is a space for girls to write what they did for each activity.

5 Simple Activities

Have the girls do these to show their Girl Scout spirit!

Each day of the week has 10 different activities that your girls can do. There is something for everyone!

Girl Scout of the Florida Panhandle

This document from 2015 lists things Girl Scouts did Then and Now for Girl Scout Week. This would make an interesting springboard for a discussion for older girls on how the celebration has evolved over the years.

Girl Scout of the Sierra Nevada

This is their 2016 list of activities.

Girl Scouts of Nassau County

I have always been a fan of this Council’ website. They have many ideas and downloadable documents for you to use this year.

Daisy Activities

Resources for younger scouts.

What activities will your troop be doing for Girl Scout Week 2016?

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