Our Troop Made Our Cookie Goals!

In my area, cookie sales are over. After spending weeks selling and participating in cookie booths, my troop has achieved its goal of selling 1.000 boxes.

In fact, we have sold several hundred over that initial goal, which is fantastic!

Our troop sold four cases of Peanut Butter patties to one person who loves to eat them!

Photo by Hannah Gold

At our last booth sale, a woman ordered four cases of Peanut Butter Patties that our Cookie Mom delivered to her last week! The woman told us she had already ordered eight cases from another troop, but the Cookie Mom told her she could not get anymore. We told her that we would always get her what she wanted, and she told us that we would be her go to troop for cookies next year! (Trust me, we have her contact information saved!)

With the donations we received, we were able to send three cases of cookies to our local organization who sends them overseas to the military. Presently, we are sitting on 39 boxes, with a few more swaps and sales to go. The extras will go to the local food pantry that received our extra boxes last year.

Every girl got to the 200 level for selling and will receive all of the incentives earned for that goal. My daughter is so excited to get her hoodie! This is very different from last year when she only earned a patch. She learned a lesson and for that I am grateful.

Are your cookie sales over? Did you meet your troop goals?

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