Where to Find Retired Girl Scout IP Badges

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As the leader of an older troop of girls, I do look for the older Interest Project requirements to see if these are something that my girls might be interested in. The only problem with earning these badges is that they are very hard to find.

Where to Find Retired Girl Scout IP Badges

Photo by Hannah Gold

You can ask in different Facebook groups, like I did when we earned our Cake Decorating Cadette IP (and I will write about that experience!). I only needed four, so it was not too difficult. But if you are fortunate to have a larger troop, then there might be an issue.

While editing some older posts, I checked out links that may or may not be working. One of them led me to the Girl Scouts of the Northerwestern Great Lakes, which a few years ago had a ton of discontinued Junior badges. While a few are still available, there are many older IP’s that leaders can purchase.

The only downside is that they are costly, as there are limited quantities of each. The store knows the treasures that it has and is selling them at a higher price.

Still interested? You can find them here.

Of course, you can find what you need on eBay.

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  1. Thanks for that link! I occasionally try and find some of the old try-it badges for my girls to work on and ebay is unreliable in finding anything of quantity.

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