Fun, Easy and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts

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It is hard to believe that November is here! Planning your meetings while knee deep in your own personal Thanksgiving preparations and celebrations can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. I always liked to use craft kits for kids when I could, as I started leading a troop long before Pinterest was around. It made these late fall meetings easier to prepare.

Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Daisy and Brownie leaders

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Here are some inexpensive craft kits to help your troop stay busy and to help them earn Daisy petals (Considerate and Caring or Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout) .

Make a Turkey Sticker Sheets

Available from Current Catalog and on a super sale now, these sticker sheets create a turkey that can be the front of a Thanksgiving card. Take them or mail them to a senior citizen home or a food pantry to put in a bag of food that is given out over the holiday season.

Set of 12 Make a Turkey sticker sheets can be used to make Thanksgiving cards for others.

Available at Current Catalog

Dressing the turkey takes on a new meaning with these cute sticker sheets. Each includes a turkey body and 22 face-part and accessory stickers. The largest sticker is 2-1/2″ x 3-1/4″, and the c ompleted turkey is approximately 4″ tall.

Thanksgiving and fall themed stickers for crafts

Available at Current Catalog

This autumnal set comes with 66 stickers to decorate cards or gift bags for others. It is also on a super sale.

Pumpkin fall stickers for Thanksgiving cards

Available at Current Catalog

Thanksgiving Craft Kits

Here are some other fun Thanksgiving craft kits to make your life easier before Turkey Day!

Available on Amazon

After talking about what the girls are Thankful for, they can make these turkeys, which come in a set of 4.

Available on Amazon

Need a large amount of turkeys? This best selling craft kit has enough materials for 24!

Make a Beaded Craft

Available on Amazon

Make necklaces and bracelets for sister scouts or for family and friends with this fall foam bead assortment that contains 500 beads. 

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