Ready Made Girl Scout Swap Kits for World Thinking Day 2018

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One of the three main Girl Scout holidays falls square in the middle of many Council’s Girl Scout cookie selling season. It is a very busy and stressful time for leaders, and for many, they are doing it all. From planning meetings to doing cookie booths, leaders do not need one more thing to plan or create.

World Thinking Day is celebrated on February 22nd each year. The GSUSA website has activities that girls from 146 countries around the world can do together. Another option that many leaders choose is to select one country and focus a meeting around it.

In a blog post from my Daisy site, I created an EASY five step meeting plan for leaders of any level to use. One part of the guide is step four, the craft. An easy, no brainer, inexpensive craft to do is to make a Swap based on the country you selected.

Making Friends has many countries available. Here are just a few.

For a complete list of countries available for World Thinking Day Swap Kits, you can find them here. You will need to scroll down a bit before you get the the kits for WTD.

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France World Thinking Day Swap

Available on eBay

Madagascar World Thinking Day Swap Kit

Available on eBay

Mexico World Thinking Day Swap kit

Available on eBay

More Girl Scout SWAP Kits for Leaders

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Ready made Girl Scout SWAP kits for your troop to make.

Sometimes you have a few minutes left at the end of the meeting and you want to do something constructive with your troop that relates to Girl Scouts. Here are some fun and inexpensive Girl Scout Swap kits that will save you both time and energy.

This Girl Scout Swap Kit makes 48 Swaps.

Available on Amazon

This Swap Kit makes 48, which is perfect for Service Unit events or camporees. You can also split the cost with another troop.

Here are more kits from the Constructables line.

And some more….

Colorful Girl Scout Swap Kits for Your Troop

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Here are some wonderful Girl Scout Swap kits for you to do with your troop. It is a fun way to end your meeting and requires no planning on your part! These kits come ready made and can be shared with another troop if these are too many for your girls.

Cute Swap to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout or to Start off the Brownie Year

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If you want to start your scouting year on the right foot, then here is an adorable Swap for you to do with your girls.

This Sister Swap is also a wonderful craft to do if you want to earn the Violet Daisy petal.

Girl Scout Swap kit-Sisters-perfect for earning the violet Daisy petal.

This set comes with enough beads, pins, and ribbon to make 36 Swaps. If that is too much for your troop, consider sharing the cost with another troop or making them for a future Camporee that your Council is having.

There are a limited amount available. You can find them here.

If you like the idea of making this on your own, then you can choose from a large assortment of single letter beads to create the word you want.

Beads for Girl Scout crafts that have free shipping!

These beads are from Rockin Beads and they have free shipping.

Pony beads come in all colors. If you are Daisy Scouts earning the violet petal, use shades of purple. Brownies and Juniors can use green and white beads.

This is an easy way for you to launch the new scouting year!

Ready Made Girl Scout Swap Kits From Mini Me Crafts

In my previous post, I shared some of the wonderful crafts Elizabeth Chick sent to me from her website Mini Me Crafts.  Today I will show you the ready made Girl Scout Swap kits she has for sale at very reasonable prices.

Mini Me Crafts
Visit Mini Me Crafts!

The following review is based on my own personal experiences with Mini Me Crafts.  I have not been reimbursed for this review, nor are any of the links affiliate links.  I want to support my fellow Girl Scout leaders and mompreneurs.

Photos of the crafts are copyrighted by me and may not be used without written permission.

The ” I Love Girl Scouts” Swap kit is very simple to make-my daughter, who is almost ten, put it together rather quickly.  Younger Daisies will need help.  It is a great first Swap for Daisies or a quick craft for older girls.  They can attach it to their backpacks and share with everyone in school that they love being a Girl Scout!

My daughter had a ball putting the First Aid kit together!  This is the perfect Swap for camping trips or for field trips.
My daughter also loved putting the Dunk Bag Swap kit together.  It comes with three wooden pieces to decorate with permanent marker, paint or stickers.  A clothes pin and mesh bag are also included.  This is another Swap that is perfect for Girl Scout camping!
The kit as it comes.
My daughter used permanent marker to decorate her set.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sending these terrific crafts!  Her kits are perfect for busy leaders who do not have time create their own Girl Scout Swap kits on their own.  The prices are right and so is her shipping.

If you decide to buy something from her, please let Elizabeth know you read about it on this blog!