Planning Our Girl Scout Week 2013 Activities

Last year, my girls were very excited about Girl Scout Week, especially my daughter.  She wore her vest to school each and every day!

This year, a wonderful volunteer from among our leaders has been busy coordinating activities so that every Girl Scout in our township will be recognized in her school.  She has been in contact with every principal in our district’s elementary and middle schools.  Lucky for us, our principal was a Girl Scout all through high school and earned her go Gold Award.  She helped us with our canned food drive that we did in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts/Girl Scout Week celebration.

Girl Scout Community Service Project-Canned Food Drive

Photo by Hannah Gold

At our last leader meeting, we were given a sheet where we are to list the names of the girls, their grade, and their school.  They will be read during morning announcements.  Before handing in the list, we had to ask the girl’s permission for their name to be used, as older girls may be embarrassed.

All of my girls want their names read!

I was planning to do the Dance badge, but will put that on hold.  We have to make a poster that will be hung in our school during Girl Scout Week, and it is due March 4th.

That got me thinking…nine girls, one piece of oaktag…that is not going to work for a 90 minute meeting!

With such short notice, I needed to think fast.  Stations always work well when you have several goals to accomplish.  I decided that two of the three stations will be community service oriented.

Our first station will be the poster.  The second station will be making pictures for Color A Smile.  Making pictures does not require much supervision with fourth graders.


Photo from Pixabay

The third station is for cutting coupons for the military.  They do not get the Sunday inserts and they need to save money just like we do.  I emailed the parents to save their inserts and to get some from family, friends and neighbors.  Again, this requires some simple directions and very little hands on supervision.  Fourth grade girls can handle scissors and cutting.

I also will be handing out this Girl Scout Week activity sheet for the girls to complete.  They get a patch when they hand it in to me.

What will you be doing for Girl Scout Week?

10 thoughts on “Planning Our Girl Scout Week 2013 Activities”

  1. I love your calendar for GS week!

    For our GS week we have an annual Family Potluck and Game Night to bring our families together to have some great GS bonding time. This year families are bringing dishes to pass representing their famiy’s heritage as it is a carryover from Thinking Day and we are working on the My Family Story Badge.

    1. That sounds like a lovely idea! Our Service Unit is hosting an event tonight focusing on other cultures in honor of World Thinking Day.

  2. I love the Girl Scout week!! Is it ok if I use this for our troop?? Your name will of course still be at the top but it is so well put together. Please email me and lmk. Thanks! Alicia Kelly, Troop 096 Leader, Charleston, SC

  3. Hi Hannah, — these are such great ideas! I put a link to your blog on our facebook page for Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama ( Thanks!
    Yours in Scouting, Martha

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