Girl Scout Friday Freebie SOS! Save Outdoor Sculpture Program

This free Girl Scout patch program from SOS! SAve Outdoor Sculpture is for all levels of scouts. It is perfect for a field trip or a summer meeting.

Photo from Pixabay

Welcome to the second installment of the Girl Scout Friday Freebie! This new feature is for leaders to use with heir troops that are no cost to them. They can be done independently or as a part of a petal or badge that you are earning.

Today’s Girl Scout Freebie is the SOS! Save Outdoor Sculpture Program patch program. Every community has sculptures, and some are not in as good a shape as they once were. This free Girl Scout program will have your girls exploring the sculptures in your community. This would be a great patch to earn now, when the weather is still warm, or even for a summer meeting.

To find out more about the SOS! Save Our Sculpture Program and to read about the requirements, you can go to their site and then read about what each level needs to do to earn the patch.

October 2016 Update:

I removed the links to this patch program because the page no longer exists. If your girls are interested in a project like this, here is the link to the home page. You can contact the site and ask if the program still exists or what kinds of activities your girls can do to earn a patch on their own.


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  1. follow up- this link does not work. neither of the above links does, it takes me to a website that says this page is not found…

    1. Thank you for letting me know! The links work when I write each post, but the internet is ever changing. I did change the link to a page where teachers/leaders can find something local to work on. A fun patch would have to be found for it.

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