My Newest Feature-The Girl Scout Friday Freebie

Girl Scouts can earn a free patch with the Calcium Challenge & Co-ops for Community Patch Programs from Cabot Cheese.

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If you are a leader who has read my blog, you can see that my first post was from January 2010. Even though my role has changed from leader to co-leader, my mission has always remained the same-to help leaders. Between the Girl Scout Facebook groups where I belong to the community forums, the needs of leaders have never changed. Many are lost due to lack of training,  feel forced to sell products as soon as they sign up, and are kind of left on their own.

Leaders who are just starting a troop or do not do big cookie sales may be short on money in their bank account need to come up with projects and field trips that are free or low cost.

As I was reading about ways to freshen up an older blog, I came across the idea of having a regular feature on a certain day of the week.

Thus, the Girl Scout Friday Freebie was born!

These are free activities for leaders to do with their troops, and some have patches to earn (and many of them are free). I have not done these programs, so you will need to investigate them on your own and see if this is something you want your troop to participate in.

This week’s Friday Freebie is the Calcium Challenge & Co-ops for Community Patch Programs, sponsored by Cabot Cheese. This program would work for any level, from the Daisy Respect Myself and Others to older girls needing to learn about ways to stay healthy and eat right.

3 thoughts on “My Newest Feature-The Girl Scout Friday Freebie”

  1. Actually, I am looking for a copy of an article that was given to me some years ago in Girl Scout leaders magazine page 26 on macame an owl necklace, the copy I have now is in “sad” condition, do you think you could help me ?? Much appreciated and be safe/thanks Lorraine

    1. You may want to post in a Girl Scout leaders forum or Facebook group to help you with your search. If you know the year of the magazine, then you can also search for a copy on eBay for it. I hope this helps!

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