Girl Scout Friday Freebie Williams-Sonoma Junior Cooking Classes

If you are looking for a free field trip with your Girl Scout troop that can also help you earn a cooking badge, then I have the place for you! Williams-Sonoma has free classes every month.

Need a fun and free field trip for your Girl Scout troop? Free kids cooking classes are available for your troop to take!

Photo from Pixabay

You can see what is available in your area by heading over to the store’s website and checking out what free Junior cooking classes they have available. Call ahead to see how many children can attend and maybe you can arrange to have it done at a time that works for your troop.

Your girls can use this free cooking class towards earning a badge!

4 thoughts on “Girl Scout Friday Freebie Williams-Sonoma Junior Cooking Classes”

  1. Thanks so much for pointing this out! I was not aware that they taught free kids classes. We will definitely do this !

    1. At the time of that post, there were free classes. You will have to check the website to see when more are available or call your local store.

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