Friday Freebie-Craft Classes at Lakeshore Learning

Teachers everywhere understand the allure of a Lakeshore Learning catalog. You can keep your fancy clothes or home magazines, give an educator pictures of colorful organizers, math manipulatives and alphabet games that are ready to go and we are in heaven!

Girl Scout Meeting Idea-Free Craft Classes at Lakeshore Learning

Photo from Pixabay

Lakeshore Learning also has many craft items and they love to share them via their free Saturday morning craft classes. This is a fun way to get your young troop together without having to plan anything. Just send an email to the parents and share when you will be there with your daughter and make it known that this is not a drop off event, but an informal gathering. It is perfect for summer meetings!

Here is the most recent schedule of free craft classes from Lakeshore Learning. Keep it bookmarked so you can stay informed as it is updated over the summer!

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