Girl Scout Friday Freebie-Girl Scouts on Wheels

This Girl Scout free bike patch program can be earned by anyone. The patches are free to those who live in the Southeast Philadelphia area.

Photo from Pixabay

Welcome to another installment of the Girl Scout Friday Freebie!

This program is free to download for everyone, but the patch is only free to those who live in the Southeast Pennsylvania area. You can buy the patch that has the Philly skyline for $1.00 per girl to cover the cost, or the blogger suggests buying your own fun patch for biking. This badge is aimed at the Junior level.

The point of this patch is for girls to get familiar with their bicycle. It can be incorporated for an Earth Day activity because riding a bike is great for the environment. It is also a way for girls to learn about safety and being healthy through exercise.

Read about the Girl Scouts on Wheels program here.

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